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I don't think we can speak of this one either. No, I don't think so. What we should actually do is make a selection and only talk about aphorisms that give us an opportunity to explain a few things. But these two.... People aren't ready to understand. And besides, they don't fit the style of the Bulletin. What we need is a "combat magazine," a journal that combats all the ordinary ideas; then all these aphorisms (the ones on doctors, for instance) would be like ... yes, like commanders in the battle. A journal with the goal of "demolishing the old idols." Something along those lines. It would be very interesting to do such a magazine - a combat magazi
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Sri Aurobindo had made certain statements about me in those letters, and Z deleted them. (Anyway, it makes no difference for your book, because I'm not at all keen on having any statements about me published.) But Z is not honest. He hasn't been honest at all.... We were forced to intervene once or twice because his deletions distorted the meaning. We finally told him (for the book published here), 'We won't publish it unless you restore these things.' (silence) I have also reread A.P.'s 'Evening Talks.' Oh, in that, too, there are a lot of.... I myself wasn't present, so I don't know what Sri Aurobindo said,
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(Mother reads a note she wrote in connection with a quarrel at the Ashram's handmade paper factory:) The Employer to the Employee "Nothing lasting can be established without a basis of trust. And this trust must be mutual. "You must be convinced that it is not only my good that I am aiming at, but also yours. And on my side I must know and feel that you are here not merely to profit but also to serve. "The welfare of the whole is dependent on the welfare of each part, and the harmonious growth of the whole is dependent on the progress of every part. "If you feel you are exploited, then I to
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Today we are finding that the old gods know how to transmigrate. Gandhi himself, seeing all those years of nonviolence culminate in the terrible violence that marked India's partition in 1947, ruefully observed shortly before his death: "The attitude of violence which we have secretly harboured now recoils on us, and makes us fly at each other's throats when the question of distribution of power arises.... Now that the burden of subjection is lifted, all the forces of evil have come to the surface." For neither nonviolence nor violence touch upon the root of Evil.... Page 351 , Mother's Agenda , volume 3 , 22th Sept 1962
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Symbolisms, mon petit, there are hundreds and hundreds of them. And people always oppose them, but ultimately they are just different ways of seeing one and the same thing. According to my experience, everyone has his own symbolism. For snakes, for instance, it's quite remarkable. Some, when they dream of snakes, have the feeling they're going to meet with catastrophes; I myself have had all sorts of dreams with snakes: I had to go through gardens full of snakes everywhere - on the ground, in the trees, everywhere - and not kindly snakes! But I knew very well what it meant; during the dream itself I knew it: it depended on certain mental conditions
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The Pondicherry radio asked me for a message to be put up in their office, so I gave them this - and they put it up! "Teach your listeners to love the Truth. This is a work worth doing." (Mother laughs) They put it up, that's what amuses me! Page 364 , Mother's Agenda , volume 10 , 8th Oct - 1969
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Last night I had two consecutive experiences showing with extreme precision that black magic is at the root of all this (Mother is speaking of both general and personal difficulties, in the Ashram and in her body). First of all, on the mental plane (the physical-mind, the material mind) I saw an individual.... I am not entirely certain of his identity (when I saw him last night I didn't associate him with anyone in particular) but from his outer appearance he is evidently a sannyasi. He was pursuing me, blocking my way and trying to stop me from doing my work (it was a long, long affair). But I was very conscious and could foresee everything h
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Annapurna: 'She who nourishes the world,' wife of Shiva, one of the aspects of the supreme Mother. page 296 , Mother's Agenda , volume 1 , May - 1959
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If we consider the body as the tabernacle of the Lord, then medical science, for example, becomes the initiatory ritual of the service of the temple, and doctors of all kinds are the officiating priests in the different rituals of worship. Thus, medicine is really a priesthood and should be treated as such. The same can be said of physical culture and of all the sciences that are concerned with the body and its workings. If the material universe is considered as the outer sheath and the manifestation of the Supreme, then it can generally be said that all the physical sciences are the rituals of worship. page 208 , Mother's Agend