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Someone sent me a letter on the body's transformation, if you are interested. Let's see.... It seems that a Tamil yogi [Swami Ramalingam] of this region,who lived around 1850, had experiences, which he described in a poem and appear rather connected.... Experiences of the trans formation of the skeleton, bones, etc. It's a Tamilian who sent me this letter, asking me to put the question to you. All right. "The Mother may throw light on the nature and extentof the transformation the Swami had in the last part of his life. The Swami often declared affirming the transformation and deathle
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Sri Aurobindo always said that cruelty was one of the things most repugnant to him, but he explained it as the deformation of an intensity. We could almost call it the deformation of an intensity of love - something not satisfied with half-measures, something driven to extremes (which is legitimate) - it's the deformation of the need for extremely strong sensations. I have always known that cruelty, like sadism, is the need to cut through a thick layer of totally insensitive tamas [[Tamas: the principle of inertia and obscurity. ]] by means of extremely violent sensation - an extreme is needed if anything is to be felt through that tamas.
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Soon afterwards Did your mother intend to come by plane? By sea. Mon petit, ships can no longer sail past Port Said: the Suez Canal is closed. What's going to happen? (After a long silence) We are just like this (gesture hanging in balance between two chasms). Yesterday, I would have answered very strongly.... Let me tell you what happened. We had here an American, a very nice boy who, before he came here, was a paratroop instructor in Israel's army. I don't think he is an Israeli, I think he's American; I am sure his nationality is American, I saw his passport. But he was a paratroop instructor
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(Laughing) They are everywhere! Here, there, everywhere.... Once, Sri Aurobindo (I think it was in 1920) said to me one day, "Oh, they have put my room in order, I can't find anything anymore!" For their part, they said he had his papers everywhere: on his bed, on the chairs, on the table, in the drawers, on the shelves; there were papers everywhere, notes and so on. But he knew exactly where everything was. Then they "put things in order," they "tidied up" - and he couldn't find anything anymore! It was very funny. I asked him, "Would you like me to do your room and clean it? I won't touch anything." - "Ah, if you don't touch anythin
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ADDENDUM (Extract from the 'Cosmic Review' of 1906) A VISION (of Mother's) From sleep, I now emerge awakened. I slept upon the westward waters and now I plunge into the ocean to fathom its depths. Its surface is the green of beryl, silvered by moonbeams. Below, the water is the blue of sapphire and already faintly luminous. Reclining on the waves' silken folds, I descend; rocked from one undulating wave to another in a gentle rhythm, I am borne straight towards the west. The deeper I go, the more luminous the water becomes, great silvery currents coursing through it.
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Soon afterwards Something amusing has happened. You know that there is a new comet?...[[The comet "Ikeda-Seki." ]] This morning around four, I saw the comet, and suddenly I found myself in a state above the earth, and I saw a being who seemed to be associated with this comet. He had red hair (but not an aggressive red), a white body, but not pure white: a golden white, as if he were naked, but he didn't give an impression of being naked, or of wearing any clothes either (I have noticed this several times already), sexless - neither man nor woman. And it was a young being, charming, full of a sort of joy, like the joy that came a little i
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Oh, yes - he read them to me himself! (Mother laughs.) But everything Sri Aurobindo said has always come true. You know he also said (but it was in jest, he didn't write it) ... concerning reuniting with Pakistan he told me: "Ten years. It will take ten years." The ten years passed and nothing happened - OFFICIALLY nothing happened. But the truth is (I learned it through certain government officials), Pakistan did make some overtures in that direction, asking for a union to be reestablished (they would have kept some sort of autonomy, but the two countries would have UNITED, it would have been a UNION), and Nehru refused.
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-262_Mother's cat Kiki.html I had another cat named Kiki. He had a wonderful color and was just like velvet. We used to have meditations and he would come, get up on a chair and go into trance; he would make the brusque movements of trance during the meditation. And I had to rouse him out of it, otherwise he wouldn't wake up! Once this cat was stung by a scorpion. A foolhardy youngster, he used to play with scorpions. I had to rescue him one day; I came onto the verandah just when he was playing with a big scorpion. I caught the cat, put him on my shoulder and killed the scorpion. But another time I wasn't there, and he was stung. He came inside, done for. I clearly saw the signs that he h
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It is like the story X told me of his guru2 who could command the coming of Kali (something which seems quite natural to me when one is sufficiently developed); well, not only could he commend the coming of Kali, but Kali with I don't know how many crores of her warriors! ... For me, Kali was Kali, after all, and she did her work; but in the universal organization, her action, the innumerable multiplicity of her action, is expressed by an innumerable multitude of conscious entities at work. It is this individualization, as it were, that gives to these forces a consciousness and a certain play of freedom, and this is what makes all the difference in action. It is in thi