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Long years ago, Champaklal preserved very carefully Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's hair and their nails when they were trimmed. He preserved them carefully in small boxes with the date marked on them. Later, after 1950 when Sri Aurobindo was no more in the physical body slowly the centres from all over the country and even the world started requesting the Mother for these 'relics'. The relics were installed at the Bangavani centre in Nabadwip, West ¦ Bengal, on 21st February 1959. There is an account of it by one of the devotees present. They were nails and hair taken from Sri Aurobindo on August 25th, 1950. The Mother herself sewed up the Relics into a brocad
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The origin of the name is in itself interesting. This property, so near to the Ashram, had very little building on it and what was there was old and dilapidated, but Mother wanted it because of its position.-The owner of the property, a very rich person, knew our need and so demanded a very high price and wouldn't budge from his demand. Finally Mother agreed to pay him his price but said that She would name the property after the owner's nature and so She called it Harpagon. In French literature 'Harpagon' is the name of the chief character in Molière's play L'Avare (The Miser). The question of fitting up the asbestos cement louvres for Golconde cam
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This book commemorates the birth centenary of Udar, Laurence marshal pinto, Who was one of the mother's children. Udar was an aeronautical engineer by education and early training. But he was such a multifaceted personality that the Mother would often involve him in all sorts of work that she want done. This is the story of udar and his various tasks, his many interesting incidents and his memories of life with the Mother. This book is not autobiographical nor dose it fit into the format of a formal biography. it is an interesting collection of facts, stories, incidents and photographs that slowly unfold the story of Udar's life. These have been culled fro
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Udar was very closely connected with Auroville in the beginning. On the inauguration day he was the "Master of Ceremonies". There was no one in the Ashram who could translate the 'Charter of Auroville' into the Russian language so Mother sent him to Madras to the Russian Embassy to get this done. Mother had also put him on the committee for Industries at Auroville. - Lilou - The Urn with soil from 124 countries and Indian states Auroville Charter 28 February 1968 1) Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole., But to live in Auroville one must be the wi
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-27_The Mother^s Secretary.htm Initiator of several new activities at the Ashram and always helpful to others, the sadhak Udar later acted also as a secretary to the Mother. Called 'Udar-da' with love and respect by the younger generation, he was always young at heart. - Sri Aurobindo's Action Journal - January 2002 Mother has often stressed the spiritual importance of not wasting anything as such acts only stop the flow of things coming to us. When I first joined the Ashram there was a wonderful organisation there to prevent waste. Bits of soap or candle, empty match boxes, even half burnt match-sticks, paper, old enve
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-07_Sri Aurobindo^s Passing.htm Regarding Sri Aurobindo's passing we know now that He had decided to leave this physical world because, as Mother explained to us later, it was the only way that the final conquest of Death could be made; Mother said that Sri Aurobindo had told Her that one of them would have to cross the barrier and work from the other side - so that death, the greatest obstacle to the physical transformation, could be finally overcome. Mother offered to be the one to cross over but Sri Aurobindo said to Her that She had the more difficult task to perform and must continue to remain, while He would go across and work from the other side. That is why His presence is cons
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Udar joined me when we acquired the Tennis Ground in 1948 and were extending our physical education programme. We were at that time an inseparable pair. Both of us were guided by Mother. - Pranab - (/ Remember p. 292) Long Jump in the Tennisgroung The first athletic competitions were held in the tennis ground and the running races on the Cours Chabrol (Beach Road). Udar was always present organising everything and holding the finishing tape or at the start or the take off for the jumps. - Lata - Results of races on the cours chabrol (Beach road) 30th Ap