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Mother's Chronicles book one MIRRA by Sujata Nahar INSTITUT DE RECHERCHES EVOLUTIVES 32, avenue de I'Observatoire, 75014 Paris To be published in the series: Book Two: MIRRA THE ARTIST Book Three: MIRRA THE OCCULTIST Book Four: MIRRA AND SRI AUROBINDO Book Five : MIRRA IN JAPAN Book Six: MIRRA THE MOTHER Mother's Chronicles- Book One: MIRRA. © 1985 by Sujata Nahar. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical arti
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MIRRA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE (translation) This Sunday 24 February 1878 at 10 a.m., birth certificate of BLANCHE RACHEL MlRRA, of female sex, surname as under, born the 21st of this month at 10:15 a.m., at the home of her father and mother, 41 Boulevard Haussmann, daughter of: Maurice ALFASSA, banker, aged thirty-five, and Mathilde ISMALUN, his spouse, housewife, aged twenty-one, married at Alexandria (Egypt) on 18 June 1874. Under notification of the father, in the presence of the witnesses Aristide Sorel, employee, aged sixty-two, residing at Paris, 47 Rue Rochechouart, and Edouard Biscara, employee, aged thirty-nine, residing at Paris, 11 Rue Vintimille, who hav
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Prologue Matter. What is the reality of Matter ? "I was only a child,'' Mother narrated to us one day, "when I was told that everything is 'atoms' (that was the term used in those days). They said, 'You see this table? You think it's a table, that it's solid and it's wood-well, it is only atoms moving about.' I remember, the first time I was told that, it made a kind of revolution in my head, bringing such a feeling of the complete unreality of all appearances. All at once I said, 'But, if it's like that then nothing is true! Mother was no more than fourteen or fifteen years old when she had that decisive experience. This "revolution in my head" le
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Mother's Chronicles Book One - Mirra Chronology 1830, December - MIRA PINTO, daughter of Said Pinto, is born in Cairo, Egypt. Mother's grandmother. She died in Nice and was cremated in Paris in 1909. 1843 -MIRA PINTO and MATTEO ISMALUN are married in Alexandria. 1843, July -MAURICE ALFASSA is born in Adrianople, Turkey. Mother's father. Died on September 13, 1918. 1857, December 18— MATHILDE ISMALUN is born in Alexandria. Mother's mother. Died in Paris, on December 9,1944. 1874,June 18-MATHILDE ISMALUN and MAURICE ALFASSA are married in Alexandria, Egypt. 1876, July 13- MATTEO ALFASSA is born in Alexandria. Mother's brother. Died in Blo
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Bibliography To weave Mother's story, I had necessarily to pick up a line here, a sentence there. But Readers interested in finding out more about Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's experience may like to consult the following books by Satprem: MOTHER'S AGENDA, 1951-1973 (13 volumes) Recorded by Satprem in the course of countless personal conversations with Mother, the log of her fabulous exploration in the cellular consciousness of the body. Twenty-three years of experiences which parallel some of the most recent theories of modern physics. The key to man's passage towards the next species. (Volumes 1, 2, 3, 12 & 13 already published in English) Sri Aurobindo
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Acknowledgement The material in this book is drawn mostly from Satprem's works. Satprem was Mother's confidant for over 17 years. From their taped conversations was born MOTHER'S AGENDA, in volumes. Finally, it is due to his encouragement that this book was written. A Word With You, Please! I have been asked to say something about myself: who I am, what prompted me to share with you Mother's story, how I met Mother in the first place, and so on and so forth. Well, I am not inclined to spill all the beans at this stage. You will soon find out for yourself some of the answers as you go on with the Real Story. For now,