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CHAPTER 51 FORWARD TO PERFECTION I Throughout 1960 and after, although the Mother had to curtail her outer activities, she was nevertheless in continuous and intimate touch with the many-sided life of the Ashram community. She kept up a ceaseless stream of correspondence with some of the sadhaks, she made perceptive comments on Sri Aurobindo's Thoughts and Aphorisms which she was rendering into French, and she gave timely and pointed counsel admonition or instruction as the occasion called for. Here is a letter written on 10 August 1960, relating to the Centre of Education and its academic programme: It is not so much the details of organisa
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CHAPTER 2 THE REALMS INVISIBLE I And so Mirra was in the world, an observer and the observed, apparently no more than a little shining speck in the giddy whirl of Parisian life, yet she was not altogether of it, she held herself apart, she prized her privacy. Her steady schooling in the outside world of Man and Nature was not, however, quite as important as the sadhana in the infinitudes of the inner realms of the Spirit: A shore less sweep was lent to the mortal's acts, And art and beauty sprang from the human depths; Nature and soul vied in nobility .... Leaving earth's safety daring wings of Mind Bore her above th
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CHAPTER 39 INTERNATIONAL CENTRE I In the Ashram's collective adventure of moving towards a New Life, a divine life, the Mother assigned (as we have seen) a central role almost to education. A school had been founded for children on 2 December 1943, but in the course of the seven years they had grown up in age and abilities and spread and depth of consciousness, and were now ripe for higher education. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had definite views about the future, and about the role of education in hastening that future. The Mother accordingly felt that the time was opportune for calling a Sri Aurobindo Memorial Convention, which met in the Ashra
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CHAPTER 5 APPROACHES TO THE DIVINE I On the threshold of a vast inner change and development, - a revolution and transformation in terms of the Spirit, - Mirra now sought other means than group discussions, more highly sensitised and delicate means than essays in persuasion, to prepare for the imminent inner change, to accelerate the spiritual growth and development. These new engines of Mirra's sadhana - new only in the sense that they were now more frequently and fully brought into play - were prayer and meditation. With the spiritual seeker, prayer is no vulgar mendicancy for a material gift or advantage, say, success in an election o
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CHAPTER 32 WAR AND PEACE I The Mother's New Year prayer for 1945 was partly an announcement of the coming victory and peace, and partly a hope and a warning that, unless the victorious powers fashioned a truthful and just peace, the fruits of victory would once again slip out of their hands: The earth will enjoy a lasting and living peace only when men understand that they must be truthful even in their international dealings. O Lord, it is for this perfect truthfulness that we aspire.1 On the eve of the New Year when the darkness hadn't lifted yet, the Mother could already see the clear streaks of the dawn of victory, but also the gather
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PART THREE ADITI Aditi for protection: the builder of Karma Yogins; the ageless, the Consort of Truth; manifold her strength; she our sure refuge encompasses the Vast: perfect is her ministry. (Yajur Veda, 21.5.) Page – 499 The Mother CHAPTER 36 HER LONELY STRENGTH I The long period of visible collaboration between the Mother and Sri Aurobindo had ended in the early hours of the morning of 5 December 1950, and a new era instinct with ambiguities and also uncertainties had begun. But what had at first seemed to us an immitigable disaster or reversal assumed a slightly different
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CHAPTER 14 SECOND COMING I It will be seen from what has been set forth in the earlier chapters that, on the one hand, Mirra was reaching the end of the Japanese interlude, having arrived at a new poise of purposive purity and serenity and puissance; and, on the other hand, Sri Aurobindo was approaching the end of the great Arya phase of his career, "tying up his bundle ... teeming with the catch of the Infinite", awaiting the right time to open it and call into existence his Deva Sangha. He had a few ardent young men with him, Nolini, Amrita, Moni, Bejoy Nag. But the Deva Sangha, the Ashram, was yet to be born. The Arya itself was magisterially drawing toward
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CHAPTER 13 TEA, FLOWERS, AND FLU I Once in the course of her stay in Japan, Mirra had an illness, extremely painful at first, though it didn't fail to provide some rich compensations as well. It was in January 1919 in Tokyo when the terrible influenza epidemic was raging all over Japan. After the attack, the patient usually died on the third day; if luckily he didn't, at the end of seven days he was completely cured, though exhausted and enfeebled. People succumbed to the epidemic in such large numbers that they couldn't be individually cremated . There was panic everywhere, and people were gripped by a fear of vast proportions, no wonder - because the
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LIST OF REFERENCES WORKS CITED The following books, journals and compilations have been referred to in the present edition. Their abbreviations, used in the references listed below, are given here in bold type in parentheses. Collected Works of the Mother, cent. ed., vol. 1 to 17 (MO ) Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library, vol. 1 to 29 (SA ) Savitri , Sri Aurobindo, revised edition, 1993 (Savitri) Service Letter monthly newsletter appearing since 1972 (Service) Champaklal Speaks, ed. M.P. Pandit, 1975 (Champaklal) The Flame of Truth, ed. V.K. Gokak and V.M. Reddy, 1968 (Flame) The Mother - Past, Present and Future, K.D. Sethna, 1977 (PPF) The Mother
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-65_A Chronology of the Mother^s Life.htm A CHRONOLOGY OF THE MOTHER'S LIFE Her embodiment is a chance for the earth-consciousness to receive the Supramental into it and to undergo first the transformation necessary for that to be possible. Sri Aurobindo 1830 Dec 18 Birth of Mira Ismalun (nee Pinto), the Mother's maternal grand-mother, in Egypt. Died in 1909. 1843 Jul 5 Birth of Moise Maurice Alfassa, the Mother's father, in Adrianople (Edirne), Turkey. Died in 1918. 1857 Aug 26 Birth of Mathilde Ismalun, the Mother's mother, in Alexandria, Egypt. She often told little Mirra, 'You are born to realise the highest Ideal' and taught her 'the discipline and the necessi