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1968 I think that always, at every moment, someone or other is calling You and You answer. Doesn't this disturb Your sleep or rest ? Day and night the calls come in hundreds — but the Consciousness is always alert and it answers. One is limited only materially by time and space. 3.1.68 How is it that ordinarily, the richer a man is {materially), the more dishonest he is? It is because material wealth is controlled by the adverse forces —and because they have not yet been converted to the Divine Influence, although the work has begun. That victory will form part of the triumph of Truth. Wealth should not be a personal property and s
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1969 Mother has said, "In the Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the transformation of the body is indispensable so far as it can be done." Are there limits to the transformation of the body? For the present, yes. But in the time, no. I am convinced that in two hundred years for example the physical body could be infinitely superior to what it is now — luminous, plastic, enduring, harmonious. . . And our effort of today would have made it possible. 2.1.69 With progress in the Yoga of the body, will there be a change in the material environment? Most certainly a greater harmony will be manifested in the material world, in the same way as the
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1970 In order that I be fully transparent before You, is it sincerity that has to increase? Truly speaking, the Supreme Lord makes me see in each what He wants me to see, and He has not made me see insincerity in you. What is not yet very clear, is undoubtedly the mental and vital habits; but these do not appear to me as being obstacles in the work of transformation. 4.1.70 In spite of my weak body I always liked to go to the mountain peaks. And now it is the peaks of consciousness that attract me. The true force is that of the Divine and it can make even a weak body strong. He alone should be the master of our being, its goal and its support.
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EN ROUTE On the Path (The Mother's Correspondence with Shyam Sundar) SRI AUROBINDO ASHRAM PONDICHERRY
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1967 May I make the choice, constantly, sincerely and integrally, as the Divine Mother may wish. Pranam. A good year of great progress towards the Light and total consecration. With my blessings. 1.1.67 In 1958 the Mother said, "If things go on advancing at this speed, it seems more than possible, almost evident, that what Sri Aurobindo wrote in a letter is a prophetic announcement: The supramental consciousness will enter a phase of realising power in 1967. "1 Have things advanced at the required speed? Yes. 2.1.67 May I try to make my nights conscious? I pray for guidance. 1 Questions and Answ