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     Chapter III         THE TWO NEGATIONS         In the field of physical science, we are familiar with two terms, namely, pure science and Applied Science. In Pure Science one is concerned with investigations into the workings of Nature and the discovery of laws governing it. Applied Science is Technology where one's attention is focuss-ed on applying the laws of nature with particular reference to creating such conditions as would be conducive to greater physical comfort for the human being. In the sphere of spiritual living, too, there are these two principles at work which may be termed as Philosophy and Psychology. It is hardly necessary to state that Philosophy is an inve
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      Chapter I         THE HELPLESS REFUGEE         The subject of Yoga has received all of a sudden a prestigeous status in the modern world. The demand for Yoga has increased phenomenally in those countries which are scientifically and technologically most advanced. This is no mere co-incidence. In an age of increasing comfort there has come into existence in the lives of men and women of today an equally increasing sense of psychological tension. The stress and strain of life do not seem to be abating. The unprecedented prosperity in external things has resulted in a sudden awareness of the poverty within. In the so-called developed countries of the world the ave
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THE MIRACLE OF DESCENT (Reflections on Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga) by ROHIT MEHTA   Distributors: SABDA Sri Aurobindo Books Distribution Agency, Pondicherry : Bombay : Calcutta : New Delhi : Madras Sri Aurobindo Ashram Sales Emporium, 22/15 Pritamrai Road, Ahmedabad-6 Publisher; Shree Rambhai N. Amin "Ram Home" Gulbai's Tekri Behind New Patel Society, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-6   First Edition, August, 1973 Copies 2,000 Price Rs. 7.00             August 1973   Printed by  Shantilal Harjivan Shah, Navajivan Press Ahmedabad-14
Resource name: /E-Library/Authors from Other Centers/Rohit Mehta/English/The Miracle of Descent/The Living Presence.htm
   Chapter VIII         THE LIVING PRESENCE         EVERY system of Yoga has its own Sadhana or discipline; in some, the Sadhana is purely physical such as in Hatha Yoga, in others, it is psychological as in Patanjali's Raja Yoga. Having examined the general background of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga one may well ask: What is the Sadhana or the discipline of Integral Yoga? It is psychological in nature as was mentioned in the earlier chapter. But what is the pattern of this discipline which can be adopted by the spiritual aspirant? Before we go into a detailed examination of the sadhana of Integral Yoga, it is necessary for us to heed the warning which Sri Aurobindo has addressed