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For my uncle Nolinaksha-babu's wedding, Kazi Nazrul Islam came to our house. He was my uncle's friend. He also the friend of my eldest uncle, Fenu Bhattacharya Calcutta, Kaka had a music-school and I believe his friendship with Nazrul was linked to this. A Muslim being invited to a Brahmin's wedding? What if he be a poet? Some members of the family had raised the i and some had even objected to it. Obviously none from family raised any objection; on the contrary, everyone delighted that Nazrul had accepted the invitation. Nazrul came to know about this probably through run and so he composed a song on the day of the wedding it And set it at once to music. He sang
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those times. This huge house occupies a very large area. Obviously it was the residence of the first governor-general of British Asia. And this is what is called divine irony. In the beginning Hastings was an ordinary clerk at the English head-office at Kasimbazaar. When Nawab Sirajuddala attacked Calcutta he ordered all the Englishmen in Kasimbazaar to be killed. Hastings in order to save himself sought refuge at Kantomudi's whose actual name was Krishnakant Nandi. He was of the 'tili' caste. Everybody called him 'Kantomudi'. Ignoring danger to his own life this Kantomudi then offered refuge to Hastings by keeping him hidden in a secure place for a few days. Hastings survived
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BY THE WAY Part - II Note from the Publisher Dada (Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya) is present in his office every morning from 8.30 to 11.45. During this time boys, girls and growing-ups from the Ashram come to see him. He also receives visitors. They all have something to ask him and he answers their questions. The visitor goes back happy. All those who are present in his office also enjoy his replies as well as all the stories and humorous incidents he recounts. Time is happily spent. Amalesh Bhattacharya who has transcribed these conversations sits in a corner of the office and quietly notes everything down. The present selection of these jottings is the seco
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"But you give me money for my pocket-expenses. If, I don't buy anything then what will I do with the money? I don't lack anything, I replied." From the savings I made of the money given to me Mother I bought a watch for my own mother, a small watch made in Switzerland. It was as small as a ting My mother showed this to the Divine Mother and to that I had gifted it to her. The Mother asked me later: 'You gave your mother a watch? How much did you spend?' "Just sixty rupees. Mother. It was from the saving! from your money." The Mother didn't say anything more. While Dada was talking to us a lady came and wished him for his coming birthday. She ask
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The Mother and Sri Aurobindo want us to transform all the impurities of our lower nature and raise them to conscious Truth. To transform human life into God-life, into divine life. We cannot give it up and become indifferent. We have to get down into this life and purify it. Like descending into hell and converting it into heaven. The Mother said that Sri Aurobindo was of the line of Shiva. Shiva is the Lord of transformation. Sri Aurobindo's yoga too is in that line. * Someone asked: 'Dada, it has been said that Sri Aurobindo used to appreciate your physical build and grace very much.' This reference to his being praised made Dada a little hesitant. But seeing ou
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28.11.91 My dear Pranab, I thank you for your characteristically generous response to my letter. Agreeing with you that we have to wait in patience, I wanted to let matters lie there. But of late there is a feeling that I must amplify my thinking. First let me assure you that there is no question of diluting the tradition of the Guru. It is understood that for all time to come Sri Aurobindo and the Mother will continue to be the Gurus for every one taking to the path of Integral Yoga. There cannot be a successor to the Mother. When Dakshinapada asked Her (unwisely) in the early fifties: 'Sri Aurobindo has left us, one day you also will leave us. Then who is to l
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Organisation On Spiritual Basis To organise on a spiritual basis you must be in constant contact with the Spiritual Consciousness. Do not forget that the quality of work one does depends on the quality of consciousness one lives. Generally people live in a very ordinary consciousness: the consciousness of mind, life and body. Naturally all their activities express the state of consciousness in which they live. All the problems they confront come from this state, from the atmosphere inside. So the solution is always within, never outside. There is the soul, the psychic, the Mother's Presence deep within everyone. One should create a habit of going inside
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A True Leader A true leader is one who : 1.Has the confidence of his people. 2.Has a loving and compassionate heart, and is ready to help. 3.Has a high ideal and a strong faith and has the capacity to carry with him all those who depend on him. 4.Is easily approachable and has an amiable disposition. 5.Looks after the material and spiritual needs of his dependants. 6.Can infuse confidence, enthusiasm, hope and will to progress in his comrades. 7.Has a wisdom, far sight and foresight to deal with any situation. 8.Is poised, courageous, determined and enduring in the midst of the toughest battles. 9.Is simple, frank, upright, straightfor
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Supramental Process of Action Formula given by Mother 1.Remain absolutely quiet in all parts of your being. 2.Aspire and call. 3.You will get a response from above. 4.Place your problem before it and wait peacefully. 5.The direction will come from above. 6.Receive it and implement it through your mind, life and body. 7.There should be no likes and dislikes and preferences. 8.Help will come. The right man will come. The resources will come. The material will come and right action will take place. Note: Absolute surrender, no personal reaction, no personal preference and absolute detachment, and have no fear whatsoe
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On Organisation (a) With a powerful organisation and with the energy of the people both good and bad is possible. With a lofty ideal and great leadership, abundant good for man could result. But if that same power went astray then it could also destroy man... (b) When an organisation is set up man tries to serve his selfish interests in so many ways and to see how that great force could be used for his personal ends. If we do not hold any high, powerful ideal before us then we too could end up as mere puppets in the hands of that force and dance to its tune. (c) Love and respect are the most effective controlling power. Love each and everyone, respect ea