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was going to visit his friend Diderot who was in prison. He had in his pocket a journal in which a question had been set for discussion. Taking it out, he glanced at the question with a view to writing an essay on it. Suddenly he felt innumerable ideas pouring down into his head in a golden shower. Unable to bear the weight of this descent he lay down under a tree and was lost in a swoon. When he came to he noticed that tears had coursed down his cheeks uninterruptedly so that the front of his vest was soaked through. But the article he wrote after this incident, though it reverberated throughout the land and won him renown and rewards, did not contain even one hundredth par
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SRI AUROBINDO A DREAM DIALOGUE WITH CHILDREN SRI AUROBINDO A dream-dialogue with children THE ASHRAM CHILDREN AND SRI AUROBINDO'S LIFE A DREAM-DIALOGUE One day after Sri Aurobindo's passing, I had a dream. I saw that quite a number of children of our Ashram from various age-groups had crowded into Sri Aurobindo's room and were looking around with curious eyes. I wondered how they had trespassed on Sri Aurobindo's privacy. Who could have given them permission? But the children took no notice of my presence and felt quite at ease. This spectacle of innocence and ligh
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and colleges, we started boycott - a word which we were the first to use in India - and passive resistance, as well as nonacceptance of British justice and of British goods. In short, it was, in Gandhi's words, 'non-violent non-cooperation'. Simultaneously, in the Yugantar were published articles on the need for a revolution. Thus, we began a conflict on two fronts: with the government as well as with the Moderates and their loyalty to the British. For these reasons, both the paper and the National Party became very influential, all over the country. In the history of Indian journalism I believe no other paper has ever equalled the dramatic impact that the Bande Mataram had o
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He greatly admired French culture and wished to make it possible for the students from Baroda to pursue their higher studies in France. But, unlike you, those boys did not seem keen about French. Of course, you have the great privilege of studying French with the Mother herself." "You also taught French to Nolinida and Amritada, didn't you?" "Who told you that?" "Everybody knows about it. Not only that, the first books that they read were the works of Racine and Molière!" Sri Aurobindo replied, "They were already so learned that I could hardly start by teaching them the conjugations of verbs. I believed that once they had learned to love the beauty and swe
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"But...." "You think it was wrong to tell an untruth? Perhaps... but can't you imagine what would have happened if I had revealed my identity? The doctor would have informed the police right away and, amid general rejoicing, the police commissioner would have clapped me in irons and led me back to jail. The next day's papers would have carried dramatic headlines, such as 'Midnight arrest of Aurobindo Ghose while trying to escape!' Isn't that so? "Tell me, does it strike you as very strange that a Yogi should have taken recourse to falsehood? You see, there is such a thing as spiritual discernment, which is far above strict moral codes. And it is that which indicates
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helped me beyond all expectations. Earlier it had been Mr. Drewett who had taught me personally, now it was the headmaster of St. Paul's who took me in hand. This, I have noticed, is one of the finer traits in the English character. If an Englishman grows fond of you or is impressed by you, he will go to any length to help you." "Didn't you feel lost and lonely among so many English boys?" asked Aurobindoprasad. "Why lonely? You mean because I was an Indian? But at that age one is not supposed to have all those notions about racial distinctions! Or perhaps I believed I was English myself, since I spoke like them, dressed like them, in every way I was like them - whe
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several occasions some fun and enjoyment in the company of my 'boys'. Do you want to hear about my arrest?" Cries of 'Yes, yes,' rang out from all sides, while Sri Aurobindo sat smiling. "Listen, then. I have told you already, haven't I, how well I was sleeping that early morning after a long night's work, when suddenly the police barged in." "Did they handcuff you?" "Yes, and also tied a rope round my waist with which they pulled me behind them. But that was later removed at the insistence of the Moderate leader, Bhupen Basu." "Why don't you start the story from the beginning? Why did the police suddenly decide to arrest you?" "It was not sudden at
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October 1936 I don't know if you want a separate report from me of D.L., apart from what I sent you through Pavitra. R surely writes everything and Pavitra tells you all. I have said that R doesn't agree with Valle's diagnosis and writes in today's report that it is "dyspeptic congestion of the colon"!! About Chlorodyne, Dr. Becharlal and I have given our opinion. The report you speak of has not reached me, so I don't know anythingabout the chlorodyne. There is a letter from R, but it gives only the general condition during the day (hyper-pyrexin and a crisis due to tympanitis), says that in spite of that there is some amelioration, Iunderstand from Pavitra
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August 1938 T asks whether it is any more necessary to continue her special diet. She fears she will grow very fat. [Mother:] It is better if she goes on with her present diet for the moment. August 2, 1938 I seem to have an easier flow of inspiration now, but the product is not of such a superior quality, I don't find striking lines and expressions. Is it because of the ease of flow? Page-1136 Yes, partly. The ease is that of practice in this metrical form and a certain achieved level of style and flow. But that level is not one of constant striking lines and expressions — that is not possible without some effort — not effort of constructi
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November 1937 J's eczema looks very well. . . Should we try Listerine now or see again with the present medicine, for the last time? [The Mother marked with a vertical line "or see... time?"] Yes, it is better. Jiban is better now. Dr. Becharlal says he can take a cup of cocoa in the morning. He can also take up his work from tomorrow. Jiban wants your sanction. Page-1019 Surely he can work now. It will do him good. November 2, 1937 Please look at Jiban well tomorrow; we want to know if his diet can be improved. On Sunday he seemed almost all right — Diet can be improved. November 3, 1937 . . . Shall we