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10 APRIL 1940 PURANI : It seems that Germany collected all its navy, merchant ships and trawlers to carry its army to Norway. And the British navy is firing on them. SRI AUROBINDO: If the whole German fleet is out and gets attacked and intercepted by England, then it will be Germany that will have to turn back. Hitherto the Germany navy has not proved itself superior to the British navy. But it depends on what proportion of the navy is there. If it is only a part or if they have to collect it from various places, then it will be difficult for them. Of course, if the French fleet is also there, then it will be all right. If they had possessed foresight, they w
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/1 to 9 April 1940.htm
1 APRIL 1940 PURANI: A poet friend of mine has written that he met X and was impressed by him. He found X to have illimitable Bhakti for the Mother and you. SRI AUROBINDO: Illimitable? Well, X had a strange way of showing it. PURANI: Then my friend writes that X has gone very deep down in his consciousness. SRI AUROBINDO: It is always possible to go down. (Laughter) PURANI: Here is a letter from Indumati. She asks whether or not her Bhakti for Krishna is genuine and how she can dedicate herself to Krishna and pray to him to free her from all bonds. SRI AUROBINDO: It is a little dangerous to pray for that. PURANI: Then she says that some
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/1 to 11 October 1940.htm
1 OCTOBER 1940 PURANI: Hitler hasn't given up the idea of attacking Britain. He is concentrating his forces in Norway. SRI AUROBINDO: Yes. About 200,000 troops are practising jumping into the sea from the rocks! Is it a preparation, in case of reversal, to swim back from England? Any news about Gandhi's second interview with the Viceroy? PURANI: No, there is conjecture that Gandhi may have urged the release of the politicals. SRI AUROBINDO: That means there must have been some settlement. SATYENDRA: The Muslim League has also refused. SRI AUROBINDO: Yes. Jinnah wants to know what the League's status will be in case some other party co
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/2 to 14 September 1940.htm
2 SEPTEMBER 1940 PURANI: I read Gandhi's queer argument about non-violence with Kher and others. Kher said that during the Bombay riot even the non-violent leaders refused to risk and sacrifice their lives to stop the riot. Gandhi says, "That supports my argument." (Laughter) I am simply at a loss to understand how it supports his argument. Then he says, "If they had sacrificed themselves, then the riot would have stopped." SRI AUROBINDO: "If" they had! All depends on "ifs" and expectations. Gandhi is not a psychologist. During his Dandi march, though they didn't do any acts of violence, the leaders' minds were full of violence. In fact it was because o
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/16 to 31 July 1940.htm
I6 JULY 1940 PURANI: Italy has published a long article, it seems, on the New Order in Europe and if England doesn't recognise it, she will have to pay the price. SRI AUROBINDO: Even if she recognises it, she will have to pay. (Laughter) PURANI : It says war on England is to begin in a week. SRI AUROBINDO: A German paper says England won't enjoy another weekend. Hitler will appear in a triumphal march on 27th July for which windows are being hired. SATYENDRA: That means hardly two weeks. SRI AUROBINDO: Yes. I don't know how he is going to do it. NIRODBARAN: Italy says her navy will involve the British navy in engagements in the meantime.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/14 to 21 May 1940.htm
14 MAY 1940 SRI AUROBINDO: The Germans seem to have discovered some new methods of capturing forts. SATYENDRA: They have made a considerable advance in Belgium. SRI AUROBINDO: Yes. In the last war also it was like that. They made rapid progress at the beginning and that, the French say, was because the British soldiers were running away at the approach of the Germans. NIRODBARAN: If that is true, they will do the same now too. SRI AUROBINDO: One English correspondent said that the Germans were rushing like wolves. PURANI: From Cologne, any Belgian town, it seems, is only thirty minutes' flight by air. So they can attack very easily by air.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/1 to 9 June 1940.htm
1 JUNE 1940 PURANI: The Muslim delegation was very pleased with Dilip's music last night - especially so when Dilip said that the Muslim Page -682 have made a great contribution to music. (Laughter) That pleases them very much but they are not so pleased when any Hindu contribution is spoken of. It is quite apparent. It was Aurangzeb who banned music among the Muslims. The Koran also forbids it. SRI AUROBINDO: The Koran also? PURANI: Yes, that is why other Muslim countries like Persia have no music. In India, after Akbar music dwindled among the Muslims; by Aurangzeb's order all court musicians were thrown out of employment. SRI AUROBINDO: What a
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/1 to 9 August 1940.htm
1 AUGUST 1940 SRI AUROBINDO: Hitler wants peace not in Rumania only but all over the world. PURANI (laughing): Yes, he has already said he does not understand why the war should go on. SRI AUROBINDO: He would say, "Now that I have won, why should it?" NIRODBARAN: The newspaper says there is a great concentration of troops along the French Channel coast to attack England. SRI AUROBINDO: Troops? Not ships? A concentration of ships is required. PURANI: Perhaps they will swim across with swimming belts and allow themselves to be arrested. SRI AUROBINDO: Swimming parties can't be arrested. This man Leavis is less partial to Ezra Po
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/12 to 19 October 1940.htm
12 OCTOBER 1940 The Czech national committee of Bombay published a pamphlet on the oppressive rules instituted by Germany in Czechoslovakia against university education. The Mother brought a copy of it to Sri Aurobindo in the morning SRI AUROBINDO (after breakfast): Those who think that Hitler's rule in India won't make much difference from the British, can read it. Then they will see why I support the British. But this is only one example of their oppression, directed only against the university. PURANI: I have read it. Jallianwalla Bagh seems only a small incident by its side and that was committed by a single man who was afterwards compelled to retir
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/5 to 13 May 1940.htm
5 MAY 1940 PURANI: I don't think England has withdrawn from Trendjheim because of the Italian threat. SATYENDRA: The debate comes on Tuesday. The Labour Party is going to heckle Chamberlain. Simon says, "Be cheerful and we will win in the end." (Laughter) Page - 614 SRI AUROBINDO: He means, " Be cheerful and we will muddle through." Hore-Belisha will now say, "I told you so." NIRODBARAN: Almost all the papers have supported the Government except The Mail, The Herald and The News. SATYENDRA: The papers say the Ministers have all agreed on their policy. SRI AUROBINDO: Yes, Hore-Belisha also, I suppose! Chamberlain said, "We are perfectly