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22 October 1969 Well, a rainy day, ladies and gentlemen! On such days, we used to play football instead of listening to a lecture, or sometimes we used to purposely get wet in the rain, so that we might get a holiday. I don't feel very warm today - my inspiration has got all drenched in the rain; I hope that you can pass me some enthusiasm, some warmth from your young hearts! I have been asked to tell you, in these two closing talks of this session, something of my association, or rather, our association with Sri Aurobindo. I suddenly thought of doing it now - I had fixed it in my mental calendar to do it in due order of time, but young people like sweet d
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-001_Publisher^s Note.htm Publisher's Note When Nirodbaran came to Sri Aurobindo Ashram, after completing his medical studies in UK, to practise integral yoga, he was surprised to find that poetry was one of the vocations taken up by some disciples as a means of sadhana. Sri Aurobindo encouraged and even inspired them in their efforts through suggestions for improvement and guidance in the art of poetics. Helped by Sri Aurobindo's active interest, Nirodbaran began writing poetry and indulged in "eccentric innovations" without knowing anything about English metrical forms. Writing in a mystic-surrealistic vein, his poems gradually progressed towards "overhead poetry". After guiding him continuously
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks by Nirodbaran/6 August 1969.htm
6 August 1969 Happiest who stand on faith as on a rock."122 [This was the quotation put up on the blackboard as thought for the day.) Ah! I'm happy, and when I am happy, everybody is happy! [Sees a newcomer] I'll have to be very careful now! Well, before I take up the half-finished letter, I'd like to share with you a very interesting and illuminating conversation I had with Sri Aurobindo on the subject of the film Vir Bhimsen that we saw the other day, and since you were there in spite of the very heavy rain drenching you through and 122 SABCL, 29:499. Page-85 through, I was very happy to see that you still take great interest in our Puran
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29 October 1969 We part, O friend, but meet again we must."[This was the quotation written on the blackboard.] Well, friends, we meet here, or there, or elsewhere. It is said that true friendship leads you to the Divine - that is the purpose of friendship, so also the purpose of love. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that you liked last session's talk very much. Since it has pleased you, perhaps I may continue in the same manner. It confirms the truth that you are very curious to know how the great of soul live; what the manner of their life is, etc. This is the very question that Arjuna asked Sri Krishna: "What is the language of one whose understanding
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20 August 1969 Well, first of all, ladies and gentlemen, I'll congratulate you on having a very good Darshan! I'm sure the Lord blessed Page-104 you with both hands. And you have a special claim to His blessings because you have been so much interested in this class where we are supposed to be talking about His life, though the life of the disciple is taking a greater part. And since I've been telling now and then about my experiences, it would be justice if I demand from you some of your own experiences in return, like friends. Otherwise it will be all one-sided indeed. [Some of the listeners narrate stories of similar experiences.] ... I hope all of you can
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17 June 1969 During a particular period, many sadhaks used to write poetry and send their poems up to Sri Aurobindo for his guidance and comments. Sri Aurobindo also used to send them inspiration, even asking them what time they would sit at their desk for writing poetry. About making me a poet, Sri Aurobindo once said to me, "It's like boring an artesian well in you." *** During the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965, when General JN Chaudhuri was Chief of Army staff, it was reported that some of our soldiers felt a special spiritual force working in them and driving away the Pakistanis. Have you ever realised that the world was on the brink of war more than once? A
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks by Nirodbaran/24 October 1969.htm
24 October 1969 Well, friends, and members of this class, we have been presented a beautiful handkerchief in appreciation of your attendance and of my lecture, by our gracious and gentle friends from Shantiniketan. I'll leave it here so that, on every occasion we meet, we may be reminded of it. I hope you won't mind my occasional consultation of notes; it is not an examination, after all. (Laughter) My memory fails me at times and I become somewhat nervous on seeing a big crowd before me. Now, first of all, I hope my friend Sisir will excuse me if I have defied, and will continue to defy, his perfect English tongue. Though I've been made a teacher of Engli
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks by Nirodbaran/14 October 1969.htm
14 October 1969 Well, I was very glad, very surprised to receive an invitation from you, through your charming teacher [Addressing the children of Progres].249 It seems, you even threatened to invade my small castle if she did not convey your invitation to me. I was glad because I would be able to meet you children, I was surprised because I didn't know why you had invited me! It seems you wanted me to give a talk. I was wondering whether it was because of my appearance, or for my talk that you have invited me. I was sure it is not because of my appearance, but because I can talk. So I seem to have gained some fame and reputation as a speaker. You understand my English? Y
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10 June 1969 You know Ramchandra?32 He was a great homeopath, though he was erratic - all great men are. He claimed he'd cured some difficult cases by his homeopathic medicine. Sri Aurobindo said, "Yes, some due has to be given to his homeopathy, but I think the main credit goes to my power! It is by my bringing down of supramental power that the patient did not die here." So to live in the Ashram and to die in the Ashram is no joke, no ordinary matter, you see. Once I was not very well, and I went to the Mother every morning, and Mother asked me, "How are you?" I replied, "I'm the same, no change." Next day when I went, She asked me again, "How are you?" I had to repl
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4 June 1969 After a long relay of stories, to use a term from athletics, we come back to our main subject. But I've been asked to add one more story - one more for your teacher's birthday!28 So here is one - of 27Sri Aurobindo's yoga aims at the achievement of immortality in this mortal frame and the sadhaks in the Ashram are pursuing the yoga towards this end. 28Nirod-da's birthday. Page-12 which I don't know how much you'll understand.29 I am going to read to you about Mother's experience: It was very interesting, the experience I had that night. Nothing like it I ever had in my life. It was the night before the day he passed away. The time