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October 1936 I don't know if you want a separate report from me of D.L., apart from what I sent you through Pavitra. R surely writes everything and Pavitra tells you all. I have said that R doesn't agree with Valle's diagnosis and writes in today's report that it is "dyspeptic congestion of the colon"!! About Chlorodyne, Dr. Becharlal and I have given our opinion. The report you speak of has not reached me, so I don't know anythingabout the chlorodyne. There is a letter from R, but it gives only the general condition during the day (hyper-pyrexin and a crisis due to tympanitis), says that in spite of that there is some amelioration, Iunderstand from Pavitra
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_2/August 1938.htm
August 1938 T asks whether it is any more necessary to continue her special diet. She fears she will grow very fat. [Mother:] It is better if she goes on with her present diet for the moment. August 2, 1938 I seem to have an easier flow of inspiration now, but the product is not of such a superior quality, I don't find striking lines and expressions. Is it because of the ease of flow? Page-1136 Yes, partly. The ease is that of practice in this metrical form and a certain achieved level of style and flow. But that level is not one of constant striking lines and expressions — that is not possible without some effort — not effort of constructi
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_2/November 1937.htm
November 1937 J's eczema looks very well. . . Should we try Listerine now or see again with the present medicine, for the last time? [The Mother marked with a vertical line "or see... time?"] Yes, it is better. Jiban is better now. Dr. Becharlal says he can take a cup of cocoa in the morning. He can also take up his work from tomorrow. Jiban wants your sanction. Page-1019 Surely he can work now. It will do him good. November 2, 1937 Please look at Jiban well tomorrow; we want to know if his diet can be improved. On Sunday he seemed almost all right — Diet can be improved. November 3, 1937 . . . Shall we
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_2/July 1937.htm
July 1937 What do you think now of this piece. Sir? What do you think—fine, very fine, eh? Never mind what you say, I find it damn fine! Sir, I fully admit it. No need to bully me into assent with a damn. Amen! The revolution in rhythm is not my fault. Sometimes you allow truncations, sometimes you don't. What to do? Revolutions of rhythm must produce new rhythms, not no rhythm at all. In the other line ["A voice threading the dimness, faintly heard!"] is it "threading" or "threatening"? Threading, sir—why the deuce should there be a Pondicherry squabble, however faintly heard, in this business? July 1, 1937 [The follo
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_2/April 1938.htm
April 1938 Guru, D has suddenly stopped writing to me though it's two weeks since he went to Calcutta. . . I wrote in one of my short replies that I have nothing to write about. He might have taken it in a different light. But is he really as sensitive as all that? God! Quite possible with D. He might think that you mean "what a nuisance it is to have to write to this fellow" or "what can I find to write to a fellow like you?" Must be careful with D — and in fact with most people, if you can judge from the sadhaks here. April 2, 1938 Tomorrow I shall write D a mild, sweet letter. Alas. Guru. what you say is so true, so true! One has to be a perfect and co
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Index Complete Index to Volumes 1 and 2 Abyssinia, 564, 584, 595, 597, 604, 702 Achilles, 249 Action/Activity, 83-4, 132 and right spirit, 1108 as part of sadhana, 41danger in every great attempt, 29, 94 fluctuating eternally, 684 three sources of, 252 see also Works; Karma-yoga Adhar Das, 341-3 Aeschylus, 355, 779,780 Affection, human, see Love, human affection Agarwal, R.S., 1065 Ahimsa, killing mosquitoes etc., 339 truth of, 225-6, 230 Allopathy, see Homeopathy, and allopathy Amal Kiran (K.. D. Sethna), ix, 333, 493-4, 507, 516, 895. 909,911,929,930, 931, 9
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_2/January 1937.htm
1937 Hirendranath Dutt, theosophist and philosopher, in one of his articles on Rāslīlā, asks why mystics and yogis use so much the imagery of passion, wine etc. in their description of experiences of Divine Love. Then he quotes Under-hill to say "... it [human love] most certainly does offer upon lower levels a strangely exact parallel to the sequence of states in which man's spiritual consciousness unfolds itself and which form the consummation of mystic life." I don't agree—unless it is a sadhana of the vital plane which then naturally expresses the vital being = love-excitement, love-quarrels, viraha,1 revolt, despair, rupture etc., etc., frequent surrenders, uni
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_2/June 1938.htm
June 1938 Why can't you understand oceans and rocks aspiring to winged release? Haven't you read Tagore's Balākā where the earth, hills, rocks yearn to fly also, seeing the flight of a flock of cranes? Surely you have! I am not an expert in Tagore. In English, rocks might just manage to aspire to be birds, but it would be regarded as fanciful—if oceans started that sort of thing, it would be regarded as beginning to be excessive. June 1, 1938 In yesterday's poem, you seem to have put paeon in 3 or 4 places. Is that so? Paeon? I don't think I did it consciously, — don't remember. In this metre I generally run to anapaestic-iambic, but I may occasion
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_2/September 1936.htm
September 1936 I am sending you a few snaps—some samples of your supramental yogis. Isn't Dilipda splendid in a standing posture? Superb! What about his deep intellectual look in the sitting one? Admirable! And my noble self seems to be coming out of the grave or going there probably ? Asking where will be the end of this My supramental forehead is merging with the Infinite, what ? Yes, dominating scornfully from there the pigmy universe. Lastly, the Asram photos are very fine. Very well done. I give you a rare occasion for laughter. Please do laugh loud and share it with us!
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_2/October 1938.htm
October 1938 "From the grapes of sleep", "God's vineyard" sound funnily delightful, Sir! You seem to be trying to be modernistic! Well, I'm blowed! What is there modern about "vineyard"? Vineyards are as old as Adam or almost, at any rate they existed before the flood. By what modern alchemy do you make — "In God's vineyard of ecstasies" 3 foot? Why not? I have anapaestised the line, that is all. No alchemy needed modern or ancient. I don't see what is the difficulty. With "all" you use the verb in singular — harbours? Possible? We say "All are mad", not "All is mad". What the deuce! You don't know that all can be used collectively i