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March 1935 I am thinking of doing some studies in English language, not for any creative purpose, but for recreation. All right. With this aim in view, I want to take up your immortal philosophy — though my walnut of a brain can't do much with it — and if you will allow, have some discussions with you, at intervals. Provided the discussions can be put in a "walnut" shell! I hear you are having a tough fight with the forces ? Very beastly — these forces. One can't advance a single step without their throwing their shells and stink-bombs. However like General Joffre, I advance. "Nous progressâmes."¹ If we busy ourselves
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_1/1936- 2nd to 29th April.htm
April 1936 I have worked today from 1-30 to 6-15 p.m.—5 hours! — and composed only 16 lines! But that is quite magnificent —16 lines in one day, 3¹/5 lines an hour about! Remember that Virgil used only to write 9 lines a day. At this rate you will end by being twice as inspired and fluent as Virgil. Saurin has hurt his thumb in the train and it seems to be in a bad condition. Go and see and give the necessary treatment. April 1, 1936 By the way, I hope you didn't intend to make me an April- fool mentioning Virgil and Nirod in the same pen-stroke! [In pencil.] What a modest poet! Most think themselves the superior of Homer, Milton and
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_1/1935 - January.htm
1935 I am rather shocked to hear of the behaviour of D.S. lacking ail common sense, not to speak of Yogic attitude and that too after living here for so many years! At any rate it is not Yoga that upset D.S. He never proposed to do any — he was interested only in medicine. That, he always said, was his Yoga, to read, to study, to experiment, to learn more and more about medicine. But perhaps you will say that Yoga of works is responsible. Then I thought if one has big experiences, he will be safe, but G has shattered that delusion. This man is said to have had overmental experiences! And he also gone. I have heard that you don't approve of one's going.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_1/1935 - December.htm
December 1935 Does he have an immediate intuition or does he hear voices ? Well, he believes in his intuition and his faith justified itself. I never heard that he hears voices. If he doesn't know that, his self-confidence, however strong and enormous, can't make him commit himself to such an extent. It would be foolish in some places. Why can't it? How dreadfully downright and sweeping you are in your demands! What ground had Mustapha Kemal for his strong and enormous confidence when he defied all Europe and all the probabilities and possibilities and undertook to save three-quarters dead Turkey? What does that matter if it succeeds in some plac
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_1/1936-1st to 29th May.htm
May 1936 I thought as much, Sir, that you would quote your own instance as regards the weight. Exercise, swimming in the sea to no avail! Good Lord, man! I always thought exercise decreased the fat and gave strength and muscle. And you want to increase your fat by exercise? I have no peace now, the whole day passes in lamentation. No use dilating on it, as it has been before and will be after. We weep before and after. Our sweetest hours are those we fill with saddest thought. I thought a little good time had come a few days back, but that little streak, if it was not my imagination, has been swallowed up by dark and unending trails of
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_1/1935 - June.htm
June 1935 If it is necessary and convenient, why not send Pavitra to the Chief Medical Officer to discuss the matter with him ? It depends mainly on the chief than on others. It is not so pressing. If there were a general rule about the matter, as in France, it would be all right; but a special favour is another matter. We will think twice before we ask — especially as they may look with disfavour on the idea of somebody coming in from Page - 250 outside into the closed medical field here. June 1, 1935 From what you say about the subconscient, it would seem that its conquest would lessen and minimise our troubles to a great extent. But are there not
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_1/1935 - February.htm
February 1935 if such a theory will be practically realised. Past history does not seem to prove it. In Krishna's time, no disciple of his was a greater spiritual figure than the preceding Avatar Rama, even though Krishna was an Avatar of a higher plane. What is all this obsession of greater or less? In our Yoga we do not strive after greatness. It is not a question of Sri Krishna's disciples, but of the earth-consciousness — Rama was a mental man, there is no touch of the overmind consciousness (direct) in anything he said or did, but what he did was done with the greatness of the Avatar. But there have since been men who did live in touch with the planes above
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_1/1935 -August.htm
August 1935 Today we got the result of M's urine exam. The poor pig died of toxic symptoms. No definite light on the diagnosis. Alas, poor pig! August 1, 1935 X is strongly suspected of stealing some ideas from a novel of J, given him for reading. Should he not have avoided it? Of course he should. But if you knew much of literary and artistic people, you would not be surprised at anything they do. I advised her to get her book published now with your approval. In that case it has to be done by N, but that will at once wound X who has taken so much trouble to go through the M S. I have no objection to J's doing what is proposed, provide
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_1/1936- 20th to 31st March.htm
March 1936 I find that you have forgotten to say anything about Jatin's permission for Darshan. Well, the permission can be given. And please don't forget the letter you are writing — you can write on a separate sheet as Jatin wants to see the original very much. What letter? only remarks or lines, if they come out. What letter ? Only remarks or lines, if they come out. March 20, 1936 "What letter” indeed! Very well, I won't call it a letter, call it remarks or lines, so long as it is not your marginal! Perhaps you are waiting for a Sunday? I am waiting for a day when I won't have to race to finish everything before 7 a.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo-Vol_1/1935 - February.htm
February 1935 N asked me to tell you that he felt your Presence and Force in the evening very concretely. He does not want any medicine at all; he says that he used to have doubts before, but now they have disappeared. It is queer. All the force I am putting into it or almost all turns into this subjective form — some objective result is there but still slight, uncertain and slow. Of course the cause is apparent — he has been accustomed to receive subjectively but not accustomed to receive physically. It is not however convenient for the present purpose — except as a preparation for the more objective receptivity. We are not anxious to stuff him with t