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A Stellar Hymn Nov. 16, 2013   When I descended, taking form on earth Body and mind of thee were unaware, Or why I came into this realm of birth Only to be caught in Death's cruel snare. I met thee then and saw as in a glass Who I had been and what my role was here This callow youth, headstrong, bold and crass - And yet Love called me sweetly and drew near That I might breathe the sacrifical air. I could not stay, the vital was too strong, But the light was lit and never would disappear And slowly dawned in me a morning song. Now there wings upon my offered days A s
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Poems by Narad/Poems_2013/The Avatars Descend.htm
The Avatars Descend July 14, 2013 The battle is not fought on earthly ground, The enemies of progress lie within. No sudden change of circumstance alone, No law or doctrine, dogma or decree Can effect the transformation that we seek. Spiritual communes last but a day. The carrier word is kept by those alone In whom the Presence and the Force reside. Religion failed no doctrine can replace The evil seated in the heart of man. The Avatars descend in human form Uplifting souls that open to their light, An involution from the planes above, On the struggling evolution here below. Yet nothing is lost of goodness or of
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Poems by Narad/Poems_2013/The God Who Waits Within.htm
The God Who Waits Within July 14, 2013   Man moves as if a shadow of himself Trekking along a grey forbidding shore, Wanting to search, unable to recall The distant haunting memory, the key Once known in other worlds and ancient times. Pacing unaware of sky and sea, Lost in thought and wandering alone, Hoping, almost in prayer, to reach again The summits seen, the vision briefly glimpsed Of one who is the bearer of the Light, One who speaks directly to the soul. If one can still see beauty, feel delight In passing wayside blossoms, hear the song Perched atop a tree, a songster's prayer, Perhaps man may survive, the world t
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Poems by Narad/Poems_2013/The Avenging Angel.htm
The Avenging Angel July 14, 2013   The avenging Angel soon may visit us Intolerant of wickedness and greed His appearance on our paltry human scene May well announce a god who will succeed Mankind consumed by animosity Towards his kind, unable to live in peace, Destroyer of the beauty of the earth, Whose hatred, lust and anger does not cease. Unwilling to rise beyond the animal self Inapt to look within, a flame to find To burn away the darkness of his state Such pleasure takes in the brilliance of his mind Locked in a pathetic lump of clay To live awhile on his brief road to death, His insignificant gains erode
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Poems by Narad/Poems_2013/To the Light We Cling.htm
To the Light We Cling July 13, 2013 I sat beside a singing rill, The grass was cool and lush and green. I felt my soul with wonder fill At all the beauty I had seen. Winter in his cloak of white, A silent man whose heart was chill, On the frozen landscape of the night His blanket spread and all was still. Then Spring arrived, his grand design Melted by a warmth of love; A marvel-tinted world was mine As Summer like a dream of gold Came fragrant with each flower’s birth And I remembered none of cold When Autumn came ablaze on earth. Though wintry years attend us all There
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Poems by Narad/Poems_2013/State of Grace.htm
State of Grace June 25, 2013   It is not the winter of this body’s life. No force can quell the magic of these days To live, to love and offer up my praise. And though the years have seen their share of strife And loss and pain they are now far behind. No longer are there dark and wintry fears Or counting up of sorrow's wasted tears, The inability to still the mind, For now the goal is clear, the way is shown. Bathing in the fragrance of the flowers Intimidated not by fleeting hours Through His largesse this fledgling soul has grown. I take the present as a state of grace In Her my fate and future lives I place.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Poems by Narad/Poems_2013/The Children Cry.htm
The Children Cry Oct 12, 2013   Autumn is gold and burning red, The children cry for want of bread This world it seems has gone askew And wealth the province of the few. Winter with his frozen hands Snuffs the life-force from the lands, The children cry, their mothers weep And man lies troubled in his sleep. Spring arrives in festive mood The children cry for lack of food, Greed and power-lust deny The evolving spirit’s lonely cry. Summer now, the heat intense, War unabated numbs the sense The children cry as cry they must Till evil is trampled into dust.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Narad/English/Poems by Narad/Poems_2013/Solitude.htm
Solitude August 5, 2013   The fragile cherry blossoms fell like snow Recalling a distant landscape in my dreams. I live in gratitude for one more spring To catch their drifting petals on the breeze. Can there be sorrow in these days of joy Or darkness in a heart filled with delight? And though the compass of my soul is stilled When the winds of fate blow fierce and wild, Disappearing night drifts slowly down As light breaks on the warmly gentle land And all my hopes arise each day in Thee.
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