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Review of Jocelyn Shupak's book 'Antithesis of Yoga'.htm Review of Jocelyn Shupak's book 'Antithesis of Yoga' Jocelyn Shupack, an American woman from Pennsylvania and one of the early settlers in Auroville since 1969, has written a 450 page non-fiction novel (photos included) about Auroville’s first 25 years. She chronicles the stories and events of some of the pioneers in that adventure from 1969 to 1993 in a most compelling, humorous and often raw and raucous manner. A quintessential "hippie" and "flower child" of the 1960’s, Jocelyn left a commune in the Western United States in the late 60’s, traveled through Europe, gave birth to her child in Berlin then proceeded on her journey through Tu
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Letter from Anne and Richard (Narad) to Mother January 18, 1969 Dear Mother, Richard and I felt that we should write to You of the results of our first day of work at the Center yesterday. Much was accomplished in a short time; weeding, grading and leveling the area around the rock garden, grading the raised areas and filing in holes were the rains had caused erosion. On Monday we plant to complete the outside grading around the hill area and will plant "Sri Aurobindo's Compassion" so that some beauty and color wil