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Remembrancer of Bliss from Savitri Narad (Richard Eggenberger) Remembrancer of Bliss As if inclined before some gracious god Who has out of his mist of greatness shone To fill with beauty his adorer’s hours, She bowed and touched his feet with worshipping hands; She made her life his world for him to tread And made her body the room of his delight, Her beating heart a remembrancer of bliss. Book V, Canto III How these magnificent lines from Savitri continue to reverberate in the mind and heart and soul I do not know. I know only this, that Savitri, as Mother has said, is "a mantra for the transformati
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Inspiration from Savitri An Inspiration came to me more than a year ago, so powerfully that I capitalize the word, Inspiration. I was guided to write a series of books that would be compilations of various themes in Savitri. Beginning with a small volume, Colours and Gems, I researched and studied all the lines and passages that contained a colour or gem. It was a work of great joy for gradually numerous revelations burst forth from the pages of Savitri and an entire series began to unfold. Why was this path chosen? Let me go back many years, more than fifty, since I first held a copy of Savitri in my hands. I have written elsewh
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Reacting to Adverse Attacks One day in Auroville I was confronted, attacked really, by a person who told me that I was doing everything wrong concerning the Choir. Though the words were very sharp, even more powerful was the vehemence behind them. My body was actually shaken by the incident. I returned home to the Ashram and concentrating quietly I heard Mother's voice. She said, "Oh, my protection was not with you?" Thus I had to learn again to always take Her nam
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On Savitri An article writen for the journal, Sraddha February 2011 I have been asked to contribute an article on Savitri for the special issue, February 2011, of Sraddha, ­the quarterly publication of the Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Kolkata, but I do not have the capacity of inner development in the Integral Yoga to attempt such a monumental task. Many others of great wisdom have written on Savitri or delivered brilliant and enthralling lectures on its many books and cantos. What then can I give, as one who has barely taken a step on the path Mother and Sri Aurobindo have blazed for us? I remember the great Kapali Shastri once
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Six Lines from Savitri Behold, at noon leaving this house of clay I wandered in far-off eternities, Yet still, a captive in her golden hands, I tread your little hillock called green earth And in the moments of your transient sun Live glad among the busy works of men.” Contemplate, for a moment, this wondrous reply in six lines, of Satyavan to his father’s gentle scolding of Savitri.“at noon leaving this house of clay”, for in the epic his death in the forest takes place at noon, not a departure of an early morning soul or one who leaves enfolded in the dark rooms of night, but at a time when the sun is at its most brilliant,
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Auroville mid 1970's.htm Auroville mid 1970's The other day a sister Aurovilian share with me this thought, "When we go out of Auroville we represent something of the Mother's consciousness, when we return we represent the ordinary consciousness with all that must be transformed". The experience of being in the "outside world" for a period of time as I presented programs on the work of the Matrimandir and its Gardens, with slides and quotations from the Mother, meeting people who were sincerely interested in the experiment of Auroville, people of various races, philosophies, etc., was not only encouraging but enlightening. An Ashramite who recently returned from Europe expressed her feelings to
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ROAD MAP OF AUROVILLE A Proposal to the Students of Future School, Auroville’s ‘High School’ Years ago I visited the Forestry Institute in Dehra Dun.  I was delighted to see avenues of ‘Imagination’ (Cassia fistula) and ‘Realization’ (Delonix regia) and many others and thought how beautiful it would be if the roads in Auroville could be named after the flowers significances Mother gave for trees. Below you will find a list of different terms for streets (you may find others) and a list of the trees whose flowers Mother named.  Some of these are very small trees that could hardly make an avenue so you will have to be careful.  There are also trees th
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On Auroville It matters not if a thousand voices speak to me of the hopelessness of Auroville's division, the rancour, hostility and absence of peace and harmony, for I have felt a Presence on her lands, and in her people a strength that resolves all doubt. I have looked into the faces of her children and glimpsed in them the future that shall be. In all whom I have met I found a dedication and an openness to the Light that is working amongst us. I have walked beneath great trees and admired the beauty of her flowers and witnessed the slow and steady transformation of her earthly body. Truly I have felt the Mother's love in so many Aurovilians, their perseverance in the face
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Kailasbhai To Narad In His Room December 29, 2007 Nirod was having a sumptuous breakfast with Dilip Kumar Roy but each time when he returned to his room he felt a deep depression.  He asked Sri Aurobindo about it and He said, ‘He is not feeding you free of cost, he is feeding your depression as well.’ ‘There was a person with a large tumour in her stomach and Sri Aurobindo’s subtle hand was seen removing it and the person was cured.’ ‘Paul Richard told Dilip, ‘I made a mistake.  I could not understand Sri Aurobindo and Mother and now even to commit suicide I am not free.’ Kailas told me that he first heard my new name on November 17, 19
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Felix and Lyudmila Mary Helen and I visited St. Petersburg, Russia and spent an evening with disciples of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, some of them who are in Auroville today. "One day, coming off the ship we had taken through the Baltic countries, we heard a man and his wife talking in Russian and English about what they wanted to see in St. Petersburg that day." I went up to them and asked if we could share a taxi together as we had not seen anything of St. Petersburg except for our visit to the dark and ill-lit concrete Khrushchev era flats where we met Mother's children. The couple readily agreed but said, "We do not take a taxi because they are very expensive." Th