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Remembering the Mother Talk by Narad at Savitri Bhavan February 18, 2007   Since 2002 we have been holding gatherings at Savitri Bhavan where people share their personal memories of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Some of these accounts have been collected and published in book form by our friends Varadharajan and Shyamala, under the title Darshan. A second volume is now in preparation. To give a sample of this activity of Savitri Bhavan we have chosen this talk of Narad, gardener, musician and poet. He was the first to receive Blessings from the Mother for public reading of Savitri in Auroville; he was responsible for preparing the first slid
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Interview with Narad By Alan – Auroville Today January 31, 2005  Slightly Revised Question: Is there a conflict between the ‘Green Belt’ people and the Matrimandir Gardens staff There is no conflict. Our work differs in its focus but that is the only difference.  We have the greatest respect for each other and I always visit some Greenbelt communities every time I return.  The Matrimandir Gardens are something quite different in aim and expression from the afforestation work, though all work with and for the earth is essentially one.  The Gardens will be intense in the concentration and power of beauty they must manifest but in size a small fractio
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A Talk to the Students and Teachers of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education – Revised and Enlarged     The Lower? Species   Some Intimate Experiences with Birds   I think perhaps this is the first time I have not spoken of flowers but I would like to share with you today some of my intimate experiences with Nature and the joy she has brought me these many years.  Although some of you have heard these stories, perhaps more than once, I hope they will prove to be new for others among you and fill your hearts with the wonders that I have been granted to see and participate  in during
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Psychological Perfection - Talk to the Southern California Plumeria Society   [courtesy: http://www.plumerias.com/weblog/2005/09/richard_eggenbe.html ] Richard Eggenberger (Narad) - A Lifetime with Plumeria   This tropical plant specialist has spent "A Lifetime with Plumeria" and is most well known for his book, The Handbook on Plumeria Culture, written with his wife Mary Helen in 1985. To many others, he is also the past president of the PSA (Plumeria Society of America) and with his wife founded the Plumeria People in Houston, Texas. This is a complete transcription of his message to the Southern California Plumeria Society in 2005. Richard (Narad) opens with Sa
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S A V I T R I   The Way of Love    Dr. M.V. Nadkarni Memorial Lecture 2010   Narad (Richard Eggenberger)    Savitri Bhavan, Auroville, 2010 Edited transcript of the talk by Narad (Richard Eggenberger) held at Savitri Bhavan on March 7, 2010. The talk was recorded by Auroville Radio aurovilleradio.org A video of the occasion has been prepared by Sergey Stanovykh for Wisdom Splendour and is available from wisdomsplendour.com Cover design Sergey Stanovykh   Narad asserts his moral right to be recognised as th
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A Talk with Madhav Pandit On My Birthday – July 29, 1973   I met with Madhav and touched his feet and he pulled my head to his stomach and held me for a long time.  Then he took me to his kitchen and gave me a bar of candy.  I told him about my dream of all the people in Auroville being actors in a play and leaned back relaxed to see all the characters, even those not close to me, playing an essential role.  I asked Madhav if people in Auroville were more representative of forces to be worked out, possibilities and difficulties .  He confirmed this and said that as Auroville is a collective experiment there is no place now for individuality.  Each must fill his part.  Later individualit