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References The quotations from the Writings of Sri Aurobindo are reproduced from Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library volumes 15 & 19 and are serially as follows : Introduction The Human Cycle - p. 181, p. 201. Reason and Democracy The Human Cycle - p. 183, pp. 183-5, p. 185. The Ideal of Human Unity - p. 450, pp. 450-1. The Human Cycle — pp. 185-6. The Ideal of Human Unity - p. 444, p. 444, p. 448. The Human Cycle — p. 187. Reaction to Capitalism The Human Cycle - p. 188, p. 188, pp. 188-9, p. 189, p. 189, pp. 189-90, pp. 195-6, pp. 196-7, p. 197, p. 192, pp. 193-4, p. 194. Reaction to Suprem
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Reason and Democracy What is the relationship between Reason and Democracy? Why did Monarchy come to be replaced by Democracy? Are ordinary people extraordinary in the art of government? Is perfect democracy practicable? What is the necessity of Parliamentary Democracy? Democracy is on the anvil. Democracy is in crisis. Has Parliamentary Democracy succeeded? What is the likely future of Parliamentary Democracy? Will Democracy come to be replaced by Monarchy or Totalitarianism? Individualistic Democracy leads to a huge organised but unbridled competitive system — to the present industrialised capitalism, and to an increasing plutocratic tendency. It leads to scramble
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Definitions and Explanations of Sociological and Political Terms (Collected from Various Dictionaries and Encyclopidias) Anarchism is the belief that it is practicable and desirable to abolish all organised government, laws and machinery for law enforcement. Anarchists aim at a Stateless society in which harmony is maintained by voluntary agreements among individuals and groups. They envisage a social order without prisons, armies, police or other organised force to maintain property rights, collect taxes or enforce such personal obligations as contracts, debts or alimony. Aristocracy denotes the theory and practice of government by an elite generally
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Introduction •Reason projects the democratic Trinity of Godheads: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. •But Reason cannot sufficiently establish them or sustain them. One by one, these Godheads tend to be discarded as noxious democratic chimeras. •What is the solution? The Train of Reason Democracy - Socialism - Anarchism Liberty - Equality - Fraternity "If we may judge from the modern movement, the progress of the reason as a social renovator and creator, if not interrupted in its course, would be destined to pass through three successive stages which are the very logic of its growth, the first individualistic and increasingly democratic with liberty for its
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TOWARDS A NEW SOCIAL ORDER TOWARDS A NEW SOCIAL ORDER (A Compilation of Passages from the Writings of Sri Aurobindo) by Kireet Joshi The Mother's Institute of Research, New Delhi. mothersinstitute@hotmail.com All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, without written permission of the compiler or the publisher. First edition, 2011 ISBN: 978-81-909651-3 Published by: POPULAR MEDIA, Jhilmil
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Reaction to the Supremacy of the State and to Totalitarianism: Transition to Anarchism, Intellectual or Spiritual: Towards the true solution What are the basic springs of Anarchism? What is Anarchism? What is the relationship between Anarchism and the democratic godheads of humanity? Will Anarchism go beyond the stage of theory and intellectual revolt? "The State will wither away " - Is not that Russian ideal of communism Anarchistic? Is that ideal not likely to be realised? What are the defects of Anarchism ? Will Anarchism be surpassed? What is the true solution? - Spiritual or Spiritualised Anarchism? - Or a radical spiritual change and transforma
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Glimpses of the New Social Order A society that lives not by its men but by its institutions is a machine "A society that lives not by its men but by its institutions, is not a collective soul, but a machine; its life becomes a mechanical product and ceases to be a living growth. Therefore the coming of a spiritual age must be preceded by the appearance of an increasing number of individuals who are no longer satisfied with the normal intellectual, vital and physical existence of man, but perceive that a greater evolution is the real goal of humanity and attempt to effect it in themselves, to lead others to it and to make it the recognised goal of
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The Present situation and What we should do A conflict between the two systems, Capitalistic and Socialistic, seems for the present a more likely issue "At one time it was possible to regard as an eventual possibility the extension of Socialism to all the nations; ...But... there might not be or not for a long time to come an inevitable tide of the spread of Socialism to all the peoples of the earth: other forces might arise which would dispute what seemed at one time and perhaps still seems the most likely outcome of existing world tendencies; the conflict between Communism and the less extreme socialistic idea which still respects the principle of liberty,
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Reaction to Capitalism Transition from Democratic Individualism to Democratic Socialism and Collectivistic Socialism or Governmental Communism What is the remedy of Capitalism? Socialism? What is Socialism? Is it democratic? Is it undemocratic? Is it a restricted democracy? Is it identical with Communism, or is it different from it? Socialism leads to the sacrifice of individual liberty in order to establish the principle of Equality. What is the remedy? Democratic Socialism? Is Democratic Socialism likely to succeed? Is it likely to be widespread in the near future? Or will it give way to State Socialism? What is the truth behind the State Socialism? What are