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Illumination, Heroism and Harmony Preface The task of preparing teaching-learning material for value-oriented education is enormous. There is, first, the idea that value-oriented education should be exploratory rather than prescriptive, and that the teaching-learning material should provide to the learners a growing experience of exploration. Secondly, it is rightly contended that the proper inspiration to turn to value-orientation is provided by biographies, autobiographical accounts, personal anecdotes, epistles, short poems, stories of humour, stories of human interest, brief passages filled with pregnant meanings, reflective short essays written in well-chiselled
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Sri Krishna in Brindavan Published by Shubhra Ketu Foundation and The Mother's Institute of Research This monograph is part of a scries on Value-oriented Education centered on three values : Illumination, Heroism and Harmony. The research, preparation and publication of the monographs that form part of this series arc the result of the work and cooperation of several research teams of the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER) at Auroville. General Editor: K1REET JOSHI Author of this monograph: Jyoti Madhok (Compilation of texts
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-05_Some incidents of Krsna^s early boyhood.htm II Some incidents of Krsna's early boyhood* Boyhood Pranks of Śrī Krsna (21-28) 21. In course of time, Rāma and Śrī Krsna began to move about together playfully on their knees and hands. 22. They dragged themselves through slushy regions in Vraja to the accompaniment of the tinkling sound of their anklets and girdles. Delighted to hear the sounds themselves, they looked at people passing by for a while, but then withdrew themselves to their mothers, as if out of bash fulness or fear at the sight of strangers. 23. Their mothers, ecstatic with joy, took up the children, whose bodies looked lovely with mud doing duty for unguents. They then a
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PART III a ) A selection of poems by some of the mystics and poets of India, on themes related to Sri Krishna and his yoga of divine Love. b ) A selection from Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ' s experiences of Sri Krishna and Radha. c ) A selection from Sri Ramakrishna's experiences of Sri Krishna and Radha. (a) Andal The Vaishnava Poetess Preoccupied from the earliest times with divine knowledge and religious aspiration the Indian mind has turned all forms of human life and emotion and all the phenomena of the universe into symbols and means by which the embodied soul may strive after and grasp the Supreme. Indian devotion h
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Part I Exile of Sri Krishna in Brindavan Krishna and companions (Pahari miniature) The Vrajavāsīs arrive in Vrndāvana* Gradually, the caravan of Vrajavāsīs arrived at the beautiful forest of Vrndāvana. They built their residences over a vast area, for the benefit of the cows. The bullock carts were kept so as to make a boundary wall around the entire area, giving it the shape of a half moon. The length of that tract of land was about sixteen miles, and the breadth was eight miles. The newly established village of Vrndāvana was well protected by thorny bushes, branches of
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Krishas the incarnation of Vishnu, sitting on the great serpent Shesha Introduction I The Avatara descends on the earth There are debates on the existence of God, and these debates will continue because God, the Invisible, does not oblige the debaters by making himself visible to them. But even among those who have mysteriously seen Him in one form or another, there have been debates whether God, even if Omnipotent, has the capability of incarnation in this physical world. Even those who have heard the stories of Rama and Krishna and Buddha and Christ with astonishment and adoration, and seen in their lives the m
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III The Vrajvasis leave Gokula* One day, most handsome Śrī Krsna said to his brother, Balarāma, "My dear brother, I think it is not good to play in this forest any more. We, the cowherd boys, have spoiled the beauty of this forest by using it recklessly. There is no more grass left for the cows, and no more dry wood for cooking. Each and every tree in this forest has been used to its fullest extent. The density of the forest now appears thin, like the sky. We no longer find any pleasure while looking at the forest. There were many beautiful trees in and around the cowshed, the gates of which have round locks. But those trees are no more, because the fores
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Part II On Puranic Literature A few extracts from Sri Aurobindo's "The Foundations of Indian Culture" The Puranas are essentially a true religious poetry, an art of aesthetic presentation of religious truth. All the bulk of the eighteen Puranas does not indeed take a high rank in this kind: there is much waste substance and not a little of dull and dreary matter, but on the whole the poetic method employed is justified by the richness and power of the creation. The earliest work is the best — with one exception at the end in a style which stands by itself and is unique. The Vishnu Purana for instance in spite of one or two desert
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Part IV Sri Aurobindo on Integral Yoga of Divine Love (Some Extracts) The Way of Devotion Bhakti in itself is as wide as the heart-yearning of the soul for the Divine and as simple and straightforward as love and desire going straight towards their object. It cannot, therefore, be fixed down to any systematic method, cannot found itself on a psychological science like the Rajayoga, or a psychophysical like the Hathayoga, or start from a definite intellectual process like the ordinary method of the Jnanayoga. It may employ various means or supports, and man, havi
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Editorial Note Sri Krishna's life, as it is narrated in the Puranas and in several other writings, reads like a legend or even like a myth. It is sometimes argued that Sri Krishna and his life have only a symbolical value. It has also been doubted whether Sri Krishna ever lived in any historical or prehistorical time. Even the Mahab-harata is viewed sometimes as fiction that could have been based on some historical facts. The great episode, which has been depicted in the Gita has come to be viewed by some interpreters as a parable or as an allegory of an inner battle of good and evil that constantly takes place within the human personality. Despite all this, Sri Krishn