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PART SEVEN Integral Yoga: Synthesis of Science and Spirituality The integral yoga as developed by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is, although perfected in all its aspects, still an unfinished chapter opening itself to the future that is in the making. It is impossible to turn this yoga into a religion; it has no dogmas and rituals that can be mechanically believed in or practised. It is a multisided Way that is still being traversed; it is open to any individual for his or her free choice to traverse in the way that is suitable to his or her own law of nature and development; it is also available to humanity as an indispensable aid to its advance towards the highest ideals o
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PART ONE Yoga and Evolution Evolution can, when examined in its inner processes of development, be seen to be basically a process of yoga; and yoga can, when examined from the point of view of the instruments which are selected for application for purification and concentration, be considered to be a process of evolution. However, yoga and its processes aim at acceleration of the processes of natural evolution, and they eliminate more and more effectively the ordinary tardy method of slow and confused growth that we find in the processes of natural evolution. As Sri Aurobindo points out: ".. .the natural evolution is at its best an uncertain growth under cov
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PART THREE Experimental Nature of the Integral Yoga The unique feature of the integral yoga is that it is not based on speculation but it has been built and is even being built by rigorous methods of experimentation, based on the relevant accumulated knowledge of the past experiences and realizations as also on the basis of a constant thrust towards what is needed unprecedentedly for the evolutionary manifestation of the supramental consciousness and power on the earth. Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's works testify to the long and arduous process of experimentation carried on day after day for years and decades. If we study the life and wor
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Preface Yoga has for long been conceived as the discipline that necessitates rejection of life and its activities. The Integral Yoga, on the contrary, maintains that all life is Yoga and that life can greatly be helped if we apply the principles of yoga to the problems of life. All life must be accepted, but all life must be transformed by the application of the Integral Yoga. It is further contended that the contemporary problems of life have reached a critical stage and that criticality can be resolved only if we apply principles of Integral Yoga to the problems of the contemporary crisis. The purpose of this book is to elucidate this view of the Integral Yoga and to br
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Kireet Joshi (b. 1931) studied philosophy and law at the Bombay University. He was selected for the I. A. S. in 1955 but in 1956, he resigned in order to devote himself at Pondicherry to the study and practice of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. He taught Philosophy and Psychology at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education at Pondicherry and participated in numerous educational experiments under the direct guidance of The Mother. In 1976, the Government of India invited him to be Educational Advisor in the Ministry of Education. In 1983, he was appointed Special Secretary to the Government of India, and he held the post until 1988. He was Member Sec
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Integral Yoga Its Aid to Humanity and to the Evolutionary Mutation of Human Species This book is addressed to all young people -who, I urge will study and respond to the following message of Sri Aurobindo: "It is the young who must be the builders of the new world, — not those who accept the competitive individualism, the capitalism or the materialistic communism of the West as India's future ideal, nor those who are enslaved to old religious formulas and cannot believe in the acceptance and transformation of life by the spirit, but all those who are free in mind and heart to accept a completer truth and labour for a greater ideal. They
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PART TWO Human History and the Problems of the Harmony between the Individual and the Collectivity The spiritual consciousness is spontaneously universal, and spirituality, in its embrace of universality, is drawn to work for humanity, to uplift humanity and to establish in humanity the operation of an instrument greater than the instrument of the mind, to develop supramentality by which a new world order can be securely established, - a new world order which has come to be glimpsed from time to time, such as that of the kingdom of heaven on the earth. That new world order has still to be worked out and realized, not merely for th
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PART FIVE Stages of the Evolutionary Mutation of the Human Body into the Divine Body There are various factors to be considered for developing the yoga of the evolutionary process leading to the fabrication of the Divine Body, which will be the supramentalised robe for the eternal Spirit as its appropriate habitation. The development of the divine body, which will be free from the limitations of the human body subject to the necessity of dissolution and death, is implied, according to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, in the evolutionary urge embedded in the Inconscience. For Nature seeks complete harmony; life and matter have been harmonized in th
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Bibliography Sri Aurobindo, The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo - 37 volumes, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, 2005. Vol. Titles 1 Early Cultural Writings 2 Collected Poems 3 Collected Plays and Stories -I 4 Collected Plays and Stories-I I 5 Translations 6 Bande Mataram -1 7 Bande Mataram - II 8 Karmayogin 9 Writings in Bengali and Sanskrit 10 Record of Yoga-I 11 Record of Yoga-II 12 Essays Divine and Human 13 Essays in Philosophy and Yoga 14 Vedic Studies 15 The Secret of the Veda 16 Hymns to the Mystic Fire 17 Isha Upanishad 18 Kena and Other Upanishads 19 Essays on the Gita 20 The
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