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Aspirations and Prayers (Kamala had written her aspirations and prayers in a note-book (1933) both in English and Gujarati. Sri Aurobindo corrected those in English; these corrections have been incorporated here.)   Mother Divine, Thou who protectst Thy children and makest them capable to realise the Supreme. 28.2.33   I pray at Thy Lotus feet, to teach me how to serve Thee and to keep the right attitude towards Thee. 0 Mother Divine, Thou pourest devotion, aspiration and love into our hearts and Thou teachest us how to serve Thee and to keep the right attitude towards Thee. Mother, keep me open to Thee and let me hear Thy voice and make me grow into T
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-007_Dreams (With Sri Aurobindo^s Interpretations) Dreams With Sri Aurobindo's Interpretations   Mother, What is the meaning of the lotus in the water and the swan near the lotus?   The lotus Is the offering of the consciousness, the swan is the soul.   Mother, Last night I saw a dream. Mother put a big packet of saffron (kumkum) in my hand. What is the symbolic meaning of saffron (kumkum)?   Yes. It means purification - so if it has any significance, it can only mean that the Mother gave you a power of purification to use.   Mother, Last night I saw a dream. There was a big city near a seashore, but it was on a great height above sea level and in t
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    THE GROWTH OF A FLAME   THE GROWTH OF A FLAME Kamala's Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Compiled and Edited by Roshan   The writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are copyright Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust and have been reproduced by their kind permission.     First Edition 1996 © Divyanand Kripanidhi 7, "Manan", Ravishankar Sankul Surat-395001 Published by Divyanand Kripanidhi Printed at Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press Pondicherry-605 002 PRINTED IN INDIA                 O
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Guidance on Painting My dear Gracious Mother, After a long time I have done this flower which you gave this morning.   It is very well done. SRI AUROBINDO   Mother, How do you find the flower today?   It is well done. SRI AUROBINDO   Mother, Today I have not drawn a flower, instead I have drawn this picture. Will it do?   It is very good indeed. SRI AUROBINDO   Mother, How do you find the flowers today? Will they be useful to you? These flowers are done for you. Page-61 They are very well done and will certainly be of use to Mother; Mother will be glad to have any more you can do like
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Introduction Kamalaben was born in Jadeshwar, Gujarat, on 11 February 1915. Her father was Kashibhai and her mother was Raiba. She had two brothers, Maheshbhai and Jagadishbhai, and one sister, Yashodaben, who got married to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's son. Kamalaben was the youngest. They all came to Pondicherry and stayed for a few years; then all of them went back except Kamalaben and Kashibhai who stayed on in the Ashram. According to Champaklal, Sri Aurobindo once said, "Kashibhai wants to go to heaven with the members of his family." Kamalaben lost her mother when she was one year old. Her grandmother wanted to bring her up, but she was very dear to her father, who took her to Ka
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Birthday Messages to Kamala Bonne Fete a Kamala   11.2.36   Kamala In faith and confidence and joy on the quiet and sunlit path towards the home of Light and Ananda. SRI AUROBINDO 11.2.38   Kamala My blessings on Kamala for the year of her life that begins today. SRI AUROBINDO   Let this year bring to you a steady increase of faith and devotion. With love and blessings. THE MOTHER   11.2.41   My blessings on your birthday. May you grow in spirit with this new year of life. SRI AUROBINDO   Page-13 My love and blessings to my dear child on the occasion of her birthday. Let your psychic bein
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Preface This book is a collection of Kamalaben's corresponsdence with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It takes us into the past and revives the memory and the atmosphere of those golden days. It is difficult to write about Kamalaben without remembering Champaklal because her association with him grew from her childhood days. I had the privilege of first knowing them quite a few years ago. Later, I got close to them during the publication of some books on Champaklal. Kamalaben came to the Ashram at the young age of thirteen on 20 February 1928. She had the rare opportunity of spending her time in the service of Divine Mother and later on she served Champaklal till his last moment. She hard
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Guidance in Daily Activities   These are a few selected questions and answers for guidance in daily activities from 1931 to 1939.   Dear Father, I am awaiting a reply from you. Please give me an answer.   There is no use in going to Gujarat for learning English. You can learn it here, if you want, much better than you could at any school. 7.9.31 SRI AUROBINDO   My dear Mother, I want to make a sari. In the sari I want to make the flower of Obedience. Please, choose the colour, shades and design and give me a sample which I can send to Bombay. Jagadish will send the silk threads. I have got fifteen rupees which Jagadish has
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Introspection Mother, Before joining the Ashram, I used to pray to Lord Krishna but when I heard about you and Sri Aurobindo, I started adoring both of you. There was an intense urge to come here. Many times, I had a Darshan of Sri Aurobindo in my dreams when I was in Gujarat. I always prayed to Sri Aurobindo, "O Lord, take me in your refuge." Once Sri Aurobindo came in my dream and told me that I would be there within fifteen days and it happened so. Mother, I was worshipping Radha and Lord Krishna from my childhood and called them my Mother and Father. When I came here and had your Darshan I felt that I had a real Darshan of Radha and Lord Krishna. Afterwards 1 realized that Lord