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The Revolutionary   A public propaganda to convert the whole nation to the idea of independence was a later acquisition in Sri Aurobindo's armoury. He had started out with a secret revolutionary propaganda and organization of which the central object was the preparation of an armed insurrection. "We wanted," he said, "to give battle after awakening the spirit of the race through guerilla warfare.... My idea was for an open armed revolution in the whole of India." It was in 1901 that Sri Aurobindo made his first move by sending Jatin Banerji "as his lieutenant to Be
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Jatindra Nath Banerjee (Niralamba Swami) was one of two great Indian nationalists and freedom fighters - along with Aurobindo Ghosh (Sri Aurobindo) - who dramatically rose to prominence between 1871 and 1910. But the metamorphosis of both these persons from great active freedom fighters to great yogi and guru was no less dramatic. Aurobindo Ghosh became Sri Aurobindo and Jatindra Nath Banerjee became Niralamba Swami Bengali: নিরালম্ব স্বামী )