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MY PHYSICAL EXISTENCE Reply to a letter from an objective point of view If the supreme consciousness is incarnated and manifests itself in this body, all the negations in the world cannot prevent this from happening. And, in any case, my physical existence can be interesting only for those who have faith and who, by virtue of this faith, can, through me, enter into contact with the supreme consciousness. The question has no importance except for these, and others have no need at all to be concerned about it. For such a faith, in order to be sincere and effective, cannot be the object of any propaganda, either for or against it. Its birth must be free
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PART III MISCELLANY THE MOTHER'S BLESSINGS My love and blessings are with you. Understand that blessings are for the best spiritual result, not necessarily according to human wishes. THE MOTHER My blessings are very dangerous. They cannot be for this one or for that one or against this person or against that thing. It is for, or well I will put it in a mystic way: It is for the Will of the Lord to be done, with full force and power. So it is not necessary that there should always be a success. There might be a failure also, if such is the Will of the Lord. And the Will is for the progress, I mean the inner progress. So whatever w
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PART IV Chinmayi - sketch by the Mother CHINMAYI Chit, the pure spirit consciousness. Chinmayi, one who is full or all made of the pure spirit consciousness. Lion To Chinmaya with love - sketch by the Mother Page - 153 CORRESPONDENCE WITH CHINMAYI I always see you with pleasure. Never believe that I do not want to see you. It is a suggestion from the hostile forces — a falsehood. 25 February 1930 THE MOTHER Chinmayi, The Mother has told me what you said to her. In other circumstances I would have asked you to stay on in the confidence tha
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PREFACE It is a delight to present this revised and enlarged edition of Champaklal's Treasures, which contains new material recently found among Champaklal's papers. This book comprises writings and talks of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother that were collected and preserved by Champaklal. These letters notes, messages and conversations delve deep into the values of a life based on truth, light, love, beauty, harmony and the divine consciousness. They are full of insights into the problems of transforming one's nature and offer ways to overcome them. Champaklal was interested in reading, writing, painting and music, but always his central aspiration was to serve the Divine. Sincer
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PART II NOTES, PRAYERS AND REFLECTIONS OF THE MOTHER Page - 61 PERSONAL NOTES, PRAYERS AND REFLECTIONS OF THE MOTHER MYSELF AND MY CREED THE DECLARATION OF A TRUE SLAVE OP GOD I belong to no nation, no civilization, no society, no race but to the Divine. I give obedience to no master, no ruler, no law, no social convention, but to the Divine. To Him I have surrendered all, will, life and self; for Him I am ready to give all my blood, drop by drop, if such is His will, with complete joy; and nothing in His service can be sacrifice for all is perfect delight. February 1920
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Champaklal's Treasures Edited by M. P. Pandit Revised and Enlarged by Roshan First edition1976 (Edited by M. P. Pandit) Second edition 2008 (Revised and enlarged by Roshan) AUROBINDA GHOSE - 1909 Specially photographed for the prabasi and the Modern Review The Mother with Champaklal 2-2-1959 My dear child This year, the Grace has arranged circumstances in such a way that you are closer to me than you have ever been - and all through you have proved most reliable and effective, always ready, always there when you are needed, always doin
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PART V TALKS AND INTERVIEWS WITH SRI AUROBINDO AND THE MOTHER During the 1920s Sri Aurobindo often gave interviews in the morning to disciples and others. In the evening he met regularly with a group of his disciples and had informal talks with them. A number of reports of those interviews and talks are included here. The reader should bear in mind that these talks and interviews were not tape recorded, but were noted down from memory. Therefore they do not represent Sri Aurobindo's exact words, but an account of them reproduced as faithfully as possible. At the end of this part, two oral comments by the
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PART IV CORRESPONDENCE WITH EARLY DISCIPLES Inmates of the Ashram 1923 Top: Rajangam, Timpati, Khitish, Nolinida, Satyen, Kanai, Bejoy, Purani and Nagaratnam (a local devotee) Centre: Punamchand, Champaben, Mrs. Kodandaraman, Mr. Kodandaraman Bottom: Champaklal, Moni, Amrita, Manmohan. PUNAMCHAND [Punamchand had a small Ashram in Patan, Gujarat, where he and others practised Yoga under Sri Aurobindo 's guidance. Every year from 1919 onwards, he travelled to Pondicherry to visit Sri Aurobindo.1 In 1923, during his annual visit lie asked for permission to stay permanently in Pondicherry along with his wife Cha
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PART IV LETTERS TO BARINDRA KUMAR GHOSE I have received your three letters, but up to now I have not managed to write an answer. It is a miracle that even now I sat down to write, because letter writing for me takes place once in a blue moon — especially writing in Bengali which I have not done for five or six years. The miracle would be complete if I could finish this letter and put it in the post. First about your Yoga. You wish to give me the charge of your Yoga and I am willing to take it, that is to say to give it to Him who is moving by his divine Shakthi both you and myself whether secretly or openly. But you must know the necess
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PART IV A. B. PURANI 1 With regard to the attacks you get there A.G. says they are bound to come as long as your entire consciousness is not transformed. Even when the higher power works in you down to your physico-vital consciousness, the attacks will find a way through the physical consciousness. Even if the power is in full action down to the physical itself, the attacks you complain of in your letter, especially those that take the form of illness can get you through the medium of subconscious vibrations of the physical. You have to fight them out of you until your entire Adhara is completely transformed when no more attacks of any kind can trouble you. Thes