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Visions — Symbols, Symbolism Visions are made up of symbols that do not necessarily obtain universal currency. The symbols vary, according to race, tradi­tion and religion. There is a common idea that visions are a sign of high spirituality. Is this true? Not necessarily. Moreover, to see is one thing but to understand and interpret what is seen is quite another thing and much more difficult. Generally, those who see are misled because they give the meaning or interpretation they wish to give according to their desires, hopes and prepossessions. And then, too, there are many different planes in which you can see. There is a mental
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VISIONS Extracts from the Writings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother A Painting after seeing the Vision “At first only darkness is seen every where but it sis nice.Then, very bright sparks are seen, Now everywhere light and only light is seen. Finally, the effect of this sparking light is felt on the entire earth But all this could not be shown in this drawing." CHAMPAKLAL Visions — Opening, Signs, Development The thing seen or experienced m
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Interpretations of Champaklal's Visions Based on the interpretations of the Symbols Givenby Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Interpretations of Champaklal's Visions [We have made an effort to suggest possible interpretations of most of the visions with the help of the interpretations of the symbols given by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.* How­ever, for some of the visions, interpretations are not sug­gested as they are self-explanatory.] Ascent to Peace, Joy and Ananda 2.9.1976 The child is indicative of the psychic being. The light, colours and flowers are seen when
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Dreams —Types, Importance, Utility The great majority of dreams have no other value than that of a purely mechanical and uncontrolled activity of the physical brain, in which certain cells continue to function during sleep as generators of sensory images and impressions  conforming to the pictures received from outside. These dreams are nearly always caused by purely physical circumstances - state of health, digestion, position in bed, etc. With a little self-observation and a few precautions, it is easy to avoid this type of dream... by eliminating its physical causes. There are also other dreams which are nothing but futile manifestations of the erratic a
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Visions — Importance, Utility The only vision that is true and sure is the vision of the divine Consciousness. So the problem is to become aware of the divine Consciousness and to keep this consciousness in all details all the time.                                        the mother All visions have a significance of one kind or another... This power of vision is very important for the yoga and should not be rejected although it is not the most important thing - for the most important thing is the change of the consciousness. All other powers like this of vision should be developed without attachment as parts and aids of the yoga. Visions are not ind