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Visions — Experience, Transformation, Realisation Spiritual experience means the contact with the Divine in oneself.... Directly you have spiritual experience, which takes place always in the inner consciousness, it is translated into your external consciousness and defined there in one way or another according to your education, faith and mental predisposition. There is only one truth, one reality, but the forms through which it may be expressed are many. the mother If the rift in the lid of the mind is made, what happens is an opening of vision to something above us or a rising up towards it or a descent of its power i
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DREAMS Extracts from the Writings of The Mother Dreams — Origin, Formation It is sometimes said that in a man's sleep his true nature is revealed. They are a part of the body's functioning. Dreams are as natural as the activities of the day... From experiments, it is concluded that mental activity never really ceases; and it is this activity which is more or less confusedly transcribed in our brains by what we know as dreams. Thus, whether we are aware of it or not, we always dream. We must therefore learn to know our dreams, and first of distinguish between them, for they are very varied in nature and quality. Indeed it often happens
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Dreams — How to Remember, Interpret By means of a dream, we participate in all the mental activity in its smallest details. Only the cerebral transcription or this activity is often so childish that we normally pay no attention to it. It is interesting to note that there is nearly always a considerable disparity between what our mental activity is in fact and the way in which we perceive it, and especially the way in which we remain conscious of it. Dreams are more difficult to interpret, since each person has his own world of dream-imagery peculiar to himself. Dreams are peculiarly personal... they depend for their make-up almost entirely upon th
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A Letter* 14-5-79 Dear Champaklal, I was greatly impressed by your Golden Vision. It reveals the Mother in her full reality - not only the Universal Form of her but also the Individual Being. People often say that now that the Mother has left her body she is a Universal Form - as if the bodily shape alone constituted her individuality. What you saw shows not only the cosmic power set to greater use by her departure from the body. What you saw shows also how closely and organically the Universal and the Individual in her were related and how naturally they interplay. "It would seem that her individuality no less than her universality can now come home more vividly. Her i
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Visions — Characteristics, Types Usually, the vision is the expression of the consciousness in things. Can hallucinations be compared to visions? A vision is a perception by the visual organs, of phenomena that really exist in a world corresponding to the organ which sees. For example, to the individual vital plane there corresponds a cosmic vital world.... In this way, one can have visions that are vital, mental, overmental, supramental etc. Sri Aurobindo tells us that what is termed a hallucination is the reflection in the mind or the physical senses of that which is beyond our mind and our ordinary senses; it is therefore not a direct
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Dreams & Visions of Champaklal With Sri Aurobindo's Interpretations Strange Dreams 1929 For quiet some time now, at night, I get strange dreams. I forget my way, come across many obstacles, but ultimately I would find my way by the Mother's Grace and also feel Her Protection. Earlier, I did not get such dreams at all. I used to fly straight. Why am I getting such dreams nowadays? You used to have dreams on the vital plane also long ago in which you passed through dangerous forests and wilderness amid parts of land and water and wild beasts, etc., but you reached safely under the Mother's protection where you were going. I remembe
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PREFACE We present in this book a collection of dreams and visions of Champaklal whose very name evokes the memories of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother to their devotees. The collection is prepared without any distortion from the original writings. The word "Vision" is also used at some places to convey its wider sense of superconscious experiences and -revelations. They are usually symbolic, clear, precise and well coordinated. Our purpose in presenting the dreams and visions of Champaklal is to make available, to the present generation, one of the major aspects of his life given in the narrations of visions as actually "seen" by him from time to time. They are like a glorious song o
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VISIONS OF CHAMPAKLAL A Sketch after seeing the vision: " The Vision had a marvellous effect on my entire body. OM, SHREEMA, M - all these symbols, the way I saw them were looking real, alive. How can that be shown? A variety of rays of light of various colours were spreading out from all its sides. I could not show all these colours here. This is an ordinary sketch from which I wanted to make a large painting, but it does not seem possible now. It is also difficult to write about it" CHAMPAKLAL
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All was revealed there none can here express; Vision and dream were fables spoken by truth Or symbols more veridical than fact, Or were truths enforced by supernatural seals. (Savitri, Book. I, Canto 3, p. 30) Sri Aurobindo - 1950 2.2.1947 An increasing advance on the road to the entir
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Introduction Visions are like seedlings that could sprout into an experience of Reality. In the highest vision of the soul, an angel is awake. Sri Aurobindo has said, "Vision is of value because it is, often a first key to inner planes of one's own being and one's own consciousness as distinguished from worlds or planes of the cosmic con- sciousness." Examples from History The educated man. of today with his thinking mind would tend to ask the question whether visions can be real. We have heard of great saints like Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and such supreme spiritual personalities as Sri Aurobindo, who had "seen God face to face" or