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Bipin Chandra Pal Early life and background Bipin Chandra Pal was born on 7th November 1858 in Poil Village, Habiganj District, now a part of Bangladesh, in a wealthy Hindu Vaishnava family. B.C. Pal is known as the 'Father Of Revolutionary Thoughts'   He was imprisoned for six months on the grounds of his refusal to give evidence against Sri Aurobindo in the Vande Mataram sedition case. and was one of the freedom fighters of India.
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Sri Aurobindo on Bipin Chandra Pal   "When Bipin Chandra Pal came out of jail, he came with a message, and it was an inspired message. I remember the speech he made here. It was a speech not so much political as religious in its bearing and intention. He spoke of his realisation in jail, of God within us all, of the Lord within the nation, and in his subsequent speeches also he spoke of a greater than ordinary force in the movement and a greater than ordinary purpose befo