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Notes of Interviews with Dr. Okhawa, Madame Okhawa and Madame Kobayashi         In September 1957 (thirty-seven years after the Mother left Japan), when Dr. K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar and Prof. V.K. Gokak visited Japan to attend the P.E.N. International Congress, they called on Dr. S. Okhawa and Madame Okhawa (in their seventies) at their country residence in Nakatsu. The Mother had shared a house with them during her one-year stay in Tokyo and they had become very good friends. Dr. Okhawa was a professor at the University in Tokyo and one of the courses that he offered was on the history of the British colonies.         Dr. Iyengar and Prof. Gokak al
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  THE MOTHER'S LIGHT         COMPLIED BY AVADHANI (BHANABHAI G. PATEL)   PUBLISHED BY AVADHANI (BHANABHAI G. PATEL)       28 WEST MINSTER GARDENS' BARKINGSIDE, ILFORD ESSEX IGL IPL U.K.   Publisher: Avadhani       (BHANABHAI G. PATEL)       28 WEST MINSTER GARDENS' BARKINGSIDE, ILFORD ESSEX IGL IPL U.K.   ISBN 0-9545855-0-22         © Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, for the writings of Sri       Aurobindo and the Mother reproduced in this publication © Extract from INVOCATION       reproduced by permission of HUTA       First Edition APRIL 2004  
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Why a Progressive Universe         If the Divine had not conceived His creation as progressive, there could have been from the beginning a beatific, immobile and unchangeable condition. But the minute... How shall I explain it, I don't know. Just because the universe had to be progressive, perfect identity, the bliss of this identity, the full consciousness of this identity had necessarily to be veiled, otherwise nothing would have ever stirred.         A static universe may be conceived. One could conceive of something which is " all at one and the same time": that there is no time, only a kind of objectivisation - but not an unfolding in which things mani
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THE NEW CREATION AND THE ADVERSE FORCES   FROM A TALK BY THE MOTHER         When the world is ready to receive the new creation, the adverse forces will disappear. But so long as the world needs to be tempted, kneaded, churned in order to be prepared, the adverse forces will be there to be the temptation and what strikes you, pushes you, prevents you from sleeping, compels you to be absolutely sincere.         A being that is absolutely sincere becomes the master of the adverse forces. But so long as there is egoism in a being or pride or ill-will, it will always be the object of temptation, of attack; and it will always be fully subject to th
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FOUR POWERS OF THE MOTHER         The four Powers of the Mother are four of her outstanding Personalities, portions and embodiments of her divinity through whom she acts on her creatures, orders and harmonises her creations in the worlds and directs the working out of her thousand forces. For the Mother is one but she comes before us with differing aspects; many are her powers and personalities, many her emanations and Vibhutis that do her work in the universe. The One whom we adore as the Mother is the divine Conscious Force that dominates all existence, one and yet so many-sided that to follow her movement is impossible even for the quickest mind and for the fre
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IN DIFFICULTY   EXTRACTS FROM TWO TALKS BY THE MOTHER         1   "What do you mean by these words: When you are in difficulty, widen yourself' ? "    I am speaking, of course, of difficulties on the path of yoga, incomprehension, limitations, things like obstacles, which prevent you from advancing. And when I say "widen yourself, I mean widen your consciousness.         Difficulties always arise from the ego, that is, from your more or less egoistic personal reaction to circumstances, events and people around you, to the conditions of your life. They also come from that feeling of being closed up in a sort of shell, which prevents your consci
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Words of The Mother       We are at a moment of transition in the history of the earth. It is merely a moment in eternal time, but this moment is long compared to human life. Matter is changing in order to prepare itself for the new manifestation, but the human body is not plastic enough and offers resistance; this is why the number of incomprehensible disorders and even diseases is increasing and becoming a problem for medical science.         The remedy lies in union with the divine forces that are at work and a receptivity full of trust and peace which makes the task easier.       'AIM' JULY 2003 Page-10
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One Step More Towards Eternity  Words of the Mother         The consciousness is like a ladder : at each great epoch there has been one great being capable of adding one more step to the ladder and reaching a place where the ordinary consciousness had never been. It is possible to attain a high level and get completely out of the material consciosness; but then one does not retain the ladder, whereas the great achievement of the great epochs of the universe has been the capacity to add one more step to the ladder without losing contact with the material, the capacity to reach the Highest and at the same time connect the top with the bottom instead of letti
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The Why of Creation         Why, why all this, why ? ... suffering... miseries... difficulties, why, why ? Why...why ?         Since this creation can become a wonder, one with the supreme Consciousness, why, why then was there the need of all that (Mother describes a circle coming back to the starting point) ? ...         In fact, evidently it is meaningless, for it serves no purpose - it is like that, it is like that. All the "why"s will not prevent it from being like that. All that one has to do is to find out the means that it may no longer be so, that's all.         I think always of Buddha and of all of them they go to get dissolved in the L
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Childhood Dreams Fashioners of the Future         ...one must have a lively power of imagination, for - I seem to be telling you stupid things, but it is quite true - there is a world in which you are the supreme maker of forms: that is your own particular vital world. You are the supreme fashioner and you can make a marvel of your world if you know how to use it. If you have an artistic or poetic consciousness, if you love harmony, beauty, you will build there something marvellous which will tend to spring up into the material manifestation.         When I was small I used to call this "telling stories to oneself. It is not at all a telling with wor