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-01_Publisher^s Note.htm AMRITA BIRTH CENTENARY - 1995 *************************************************** Amrita A Sketch by the Mother ***************************************************** Amrita with the Mother ***************************************************** Publisher's Note This book commemorates the life and work of K. Amrita, one of the earliest disciples of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Originally named Aravamudachari, Amrita was born in 1895 into a Brahmin family in a village near Pondicherry in South India. As a boy in his teens he heard the name of Sri Aurobindo as one of the leaders of the freedom struggle going on in the countr
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-08_Amrita(A Poem).htm PART TWO AMRITA The Creator in His dreaming has created this immortal thing in creation, Figuring as a common creature, forgetful of his Self: A mystic reason makes Him hide His own form and nature, Ever at labour in working out the Impossible: To transfigure Nature, to establish the Transcendent here on the bosom of material Earth, To feed the divine sacrificial Fire with this human body, With this bounded frame. Lo, the timeless hero worker with his flaming faith, Indifferent to the rude impacts of Reality, Dreaming of the victorious Mother's wonder dreams, Shaping in his heart of hearts the golden garde
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PART - ONE HE GAVE US THE FEELING OF INFINITE WHEN people ask me to narrate my experiences of Sri Aurobindo, I have only one answer to give. What can be said about this Mahapurusha? And who can say that? However we might praise him and whatever the superlatives we might employ for the purpose, all that appears to be utterly inadequate to describe him. So, when I am asked to narrate my experience, I am bewildered. I will set down just o
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