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VISIONS AND VOICES EVOLUTION OF BEAUTY  I Beauty standing motionless in meditation is beauty of form,  Beauty moving and shining in meditation is beauty of life, Beauty thinking in meditation is beauty of thought— The Spirit of beauty is thus standing, moving and thinking  from the far off beyonds. II Man first sought for the beautiful in the body of creation draped in all forms. She was too unmoving for him and was standing wondrous and elusive. Then defeated in his quest he sought for her in the quick life of all creation. There too she was too quick for him and was moving wondrous and elusive. Then again he sough
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The Scene I Saw It was for the first time I got up to the first floor of Sri Aurobindo's house. In the long verandah overlooking the wide courtyard below, there were big windows giving a wide view southwards... all the doors of all the rooms were open... Everywhere and on everything there fell an all-revealing light, nothing but light... nothing was seen covered or screened, nothing was unrevealed... no spot hidden from light... My heart too, unwittingly, with no doors to close or conceal anything, free of confusion or perplexity, wide-open, soared up in sheer delight! I was in this state and Sri Aurobindo stood there, his eyes gazing southwards... His small feet appeared t