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Dear Chitta,¹   It is a long time, almost two years I think, since I have written a letter to anyone. I have been so much retired and ab­sorbed in my Sadhana that contact with the outside world has till lately been reduced to minimum. Now that I am looking outward again, I find that circumstances lead me to write first to you — I say, circumstances because it is a need that makes me take up the pen after so long a disuse.   The need is in connection with the first outward work that I am undertaking after this long inner retirement. Barin has gone to Bengal and will se
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Nirodbaran   ......."Yes, you may say so, though many believe it was because I failed in the riding test. You are taught, aren't you, in the Bengali nursery rhyme that whoever works and studies well gets to ride in cars and carriages? Well, I didn't get to ride a horse! {Laughter) Anyway, I believe that by then all the activities of the Indian Majlis were being reported to the India Office. Whenever famous or prominent Indians visited Cambridge, we would invite them to attend the Majlis meetings. They were rather old and moderate in their views;   we were young hotheads and so the arguments flew fast and sharp between us
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Desh Bandhu Sri Chittaranjan Das  (187O-1925), a landmark figure in the history of India's struggle for freedom, was indeed an 'Apostle of Indian Nationalism'. A political leader, lawyer, poet and journalist & associate of Sri Aurobindo. C R Das, was born on November 5, 187O in Calcutta. He was the eldest son of Bhuban Mohan Das and Nistarini Devi. The Das family was one of the most distinguished and cultured in Bengal and belonged to that sect of